Traffic Cell, Curchorem

Traffic Cell, Curchorem leading the way in road safety & cleanliness


The Traffic Cell, Curchorem has adopted the Guardian Angel High School, Curchorem, Goa, under the “Swachch Bharat, Nitoll Goem” campaign. In addition, the Traffic Cell, Curchorem also implemented its unique “Nirmoll Monar Xisticho Chonvor” road safety education programme at the school it has adopted.

Around 200 odd students of class X of the school attended the programme. The entire programme involved cleaning of the school premises by the men and officers including Traffic Cell, Curchorem Police Inspector (PI) Edwin Colaco, who is now the Deputy Superintendent of Police, (DySP) of Security.

Traffic Cell, Curchorem
Personnel of the Traffic Cell Curchorem cleaning the premises of the Guardian Angel High School.

What did the Traffic Cell, Curchorem do?

Under this adoption programme, men and officers of the Traffic Cell, Curchorem, including the PI visited the school between 8 am to 10 am on every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month and undertook cleaning of the premises of the school.

Although the Traffic Cell did not wish to disturb the regular classes of the students, the Cell engaged the students with the aim of instilling a sense of respect and dignity of labour among them.

Thereafter, the programme culminated with an orientation of students highlighting aspects of road safety. The programme aims to inculcate road discipline and positive road attitudes in students to have responsible road users in the future.

“The basic aim is to help these youngsters become responsible road users. Students are being made aware of all road signage. In addition, the students were also educated about the implications of violating the provisions of MV acts and disobedience of road signs,” says DySP Edwin Colaco.

Students were also encouraged to respect the rights of other road users, drivers, riders and pedestrians.

“All things considered, a young mind immediately grasps and understands implications of any wrongdoing and violations. This goes a long way in ensuring that only well informed and responsible persons are on our roads in near future,” says the DySP.

Traffic Cell, Curchorem
Deputy Superintendent of Police, (Security) Edwin Colaco, then Police Inspector, incharge of Traffic Cell, Curchorem addressing the students of the Guardian Angel High School at Curchorem during one of the ‘Nirmal Manar Xisticho Chanvar’ orientation.

What else does the Traffic Cell, Curchorem do?

In the past, the Traffic Cell, Curchorem has and continues to carry out its unique road safety initiatives.

In fact, ‘Have a safe day’ is a unique road safety initiative that was conceptualized and executed by the DySP while he was posted as the police inspector in-charge of the Traffic Cell, Curchorem, throughout the year 2016. ‘Have a safe day’ was first held in January 2016 and was supported by the Sanguem branch of the HDFC bank.

Pro-actively addressing a number of issue that affect the safety of road user, a slew of programmes were organised to increase road safety awareness.

To ensure safety of all road users, programmes like ‘Wear a helmet, save a life’, ‘In sight’, ‘The roving eye’, ‘Nirmal Monar Xisticho Chonvor’ (discipline blooms in clean minds), ‘Beyond call of duty’, and others were organised.

“I have initiated these unique road safety campaigns with the sole intention of keeping all road users safe on the road any given time,” says DySP Edwin Colaco.

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