This is a romance of a different nature: one with food. The unique concept is a chill out-eat out lounging zone. Proprietors Avinash and Line (pronounced Lina) make the most awesome pizzas and desserts. Although Lina has worked in a very up-market establishment like Cavier House in London, her homely fare is definitely to be recommended. Why does one think of romance? To start with, beauty lies in the yes of the beholder. Just let that platter reach the table. Garlic Bread with Cheese and Brushetta with onion and tomatoes. Those crusty colourful preparations entice you even before you take the first bite. And then, the tomato preparation soft; the base a crunch; the olive oil and garlic flavour oozing out between bites. Then there is that ‘yearning’-well try their Gambiri Diavola (prawns baked in garlic, tomato and chilli sauce), you will know what I mean. And then one is hooked. The Fungi Arrosta (garlic and mushroom in a tasty white sauce wrapped in cheese) is a preparation which you will order time and again. The little imp Cubid creates emotions over which one has no control.

If the salivary glands start drooling, the dish most probably is the Tuscan Sun Pizza, 12 inches of chicken, pepperoni, chilli and onions. All ingredients roasted before it is cooked. Cooked? Yes that term is used when the romance gives way to wedding wows, cooked and booked. Ravoli with Ricotta and spinach, Spaghetti with Meatballs in Red Wine –homely tastes, but will still rock u off your feet. Your queen is the Gelato Affogato al Coffee – ice cream drowned in coffee with dark chocolate liqueur. The desert oozes some appeal. If this is not Romance in Tuscany, what more can one ask for?