Underdog fish takes the ‘crown’ in Goa

The underdog species has made its presence felt! Although the fish has a low profile, it does play an important role. After a long wait Goa finally has a ‘state fish’ to boast about, a very humble choice.

Although there were many contenders for the post, it is this underdog candidate who took the crown. ‘Shevtto’ as it is known in Goa, has been officially crowned the state fish. Shevtto or the Grey striped Mullet can be found in both saline and fresh water making it available in the state throughout the year. Mugil cephalus is the scientific name for the fish.

According to the statistics released by the Fisheries department in Goa, Shevtto’s sea catch is estimated to be 300 tons, while its share in the inland water fish catch is about 7%. It is said to be a good source of Vitamin B6, Phosphorus, Protein, Niacin and Selenium, Amino acid and contains low concentration of Sodium.


The fish is considered to be vegetarian in diet, as it mainly consists of zooplankton, dead plant and detritus. They can live up to 25 years, spawning occurs between January and April at sea. At juvenile age they migrate inshore.

Shevtto has been considered a good option to be reared in a fish farm during the monsoon and also for the later part of the year in Goa.

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1 thought on “Underdog fish takes the ‘crown’ in Goa”

  1. Mullet is an oily fish here in the Pacific,but high in the good omega oils.
    Best way to cook is take fillet,fry in ghee or butter blackened ,add capers to pan briefly, Eat with lemon wedge on side.
    Blackened butter is just butter heated till it browns in pan.

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