Rock, sand, shells, sea, sun put them all together and you end up with a visual that is one of the most beautiful sights. Visiting a beach and spending time on its golden sand and the cool blue water definitely gives a comforting feeling. Goa with its long coastline where the beaches are pristine and magnificent. Calangute beach, Candolim beach, Anjuna beach, Colva beach, Palolem beach and much more. These beaches are bustling with people, shacks with scrumptious food and drinks for all. Where children can make their sand castles all day long. For those of you who have visited popular Goan beaches would know this.

Be one with your surroundings

Now, what about the beaches that are not touched by the tourists? call them just beaches or how about secret beaches? Where you can truly be one with the surrounding and rejuvenate yourself.

Butterfly Beach

One of them is Butterfly beach, this beach is a beauty by its self, it’s location is it’s secret. It is situated in Canacona, south of Goa. One way to get there is by boat from Agonda or Palolem, for those of you who don’t mind trekking or simply love nature, there is an approximately two-hour trekking journey through mother nature. The golden sands and clear water make the best combination. The isolation is what makes this beach one of the least explored beaches.


Kakolem or Tiger Beach

Another one is a beach by the name Kokolem beach also called Tiger beach, this one as well needs you to get there easiest by boat. Its breathtaking beautiful view is an amazing sight with a stream that runs through the hills. The currents might be a little strong at times for some. Although for those who love privacy and just want a getaway. This is the place to get to.

Velsao Beach

Yet another one is Velsao beach also situated in the southern part of Goa. This beach has its silvery sands. The road going to this beach goes through thick coconut groves and old bungalows which gives a sight of a typical yet extraordinary scene of Goan villages. The calm and quiet atmosphere of this beach makes you want to just lie there and take in the sun or go for a very scenic walk.

For those of you who are more peaceful and love to relax type of crowd. These beaches are the best of both worlds. That is picturesque view plus the calmness of the place. Again for those who love to lay low and just enjoy, with wind in the hair, a tan on your skin or the saline water on your body, Goa awaits you and welcomes you to come witness its magnificence. It’s brilliant unrevealed beaches.

Written by: Genevieve Fernandes

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