Vandita Kandolkar: A Microbiologist Who Doubles Up As An Influencer


By Steve Antao

Meet Vandita Kandolkar – a Goan microbiologist with a passion for food, social media marketing and content creation. Vandita Kandolkar’s journey as a content creator and social media enthusiast has been nothing short of amazing. Born and raised in Corlim, a small village in old Goa, Vandita initially dreamed of becoming a doctor. However, as life often does, it took her on a different path that led her to discover her love for food and content creation.

Vandita on a food trail in Alleppey, Kerala

Vandita completed her Masters a few months ago and is currently working in an agrochemical company while freelancing as a social media executive. Although her professional work is focused on microbiology, her passion for social media and content creation has taken her in a new direction.

Vandita’s social media journey began just two and a half years ago when her best friend encouraged her to start posting all the food she cooked during the pandemic on a separate page. At that time, social media was foreign to her, and she hardly had any social profiles. However, as she started posting her creations and discovering her love for capturing food and creating content, she quickly found her footing.

Vandita’s content is centered around discovering and presenting different food joints and restaurants to her audience through informative videos. From simple Goan snacks to hearty meals, she shares her favorites like cutlet pao, Goan khatkhate, ambott tikk, cafreal, recoise, ross omlette, and more.

Vandita’s friends have been incredibly supportive of her journey, shooting usernames for her page, and even collaborating with her on mutual projects. She has also worked with many brands in Goa, including blive, cremeux, Hilton, and Marriotts.

Fly-dining at Grand Hyatt Goa, Bambolim

However, juggling her 9-5 job, where gadgets are prohibited, with her passion for content creation has been challenging for Vandita. Editing and working on her blog at odd hours has often made it difficult to be consistent. Nevertheless, her determination to keep improving and adding value to her audience has kept her going.

Trying out the new menu at Rajasthani restaurant ‘The Rasoda’ in Goa

When it comes to inspiration, Vandita looks up to bloggers like Kamiya Jani and Larisa Dsa for their authentic style and quality content. She has even started doing voice-over reels recently and hopes to pull off videos like Kamiya someday.

Apart from these two inspiring bloggers, Vandita has also found motivation from fellow creators in Goa, including Kevin Pinto, Flexcia, Shivani Divkar, and others. She believes there is always something new to learn from everyone, and she’s always looking forward to building a larger community of like-minded people.

In conclusion, Vandita Kandolkar’s journey as a content creator and social media enthusiast is an inspiring one. From a small village in Goa to making a name for herself in the social media world, Vandita’s passion, determination, and trust in the process are what drives her forward. Whether you’re a foodie or a social media enthusiast, Vandita’s content is sure to capture your attention and leave you wanting more.