Velim Sarpanch assaults a lady for refusing to offer bribe?


In the video attached it is shown Velim panchayat Sarpanch brutally beating a lady. It is said she refused to offer him a bribe. Apparently, the lady brought a stay order from the high court and the Sarpanch refused to follow the procedure till she offered him a bribe.


Velim Sarpanch Melvin Sanches had been booked by Cuncolim Police for serious offences following a complaint lodged by one Ursula Soares a resident of Navelim.

She abused him for some reason and that agitated him to hit her. Both are at fault as the use of abusive language and violence isn’t a solution to anything. This incident took place in the month of April but the video is going viral and pleas are being made by Goans for action to be taken. However the issue was sorted.

Whatever the reason maybe, the issue could have been solved in a better way. It’s not wrong only because a man raised his hand on a woman but also because the authority has abused law.

There have been many cases where bribes are being demanded and offered, either to shut a case, get work done quicker or for several other reasons.

We need to start evaluating our decisions and understand that adopting violence, corruption and other unacceptable measures to get our work done will only make our society a regressive rather than a progressive one.