Look out for the star…no it’s not Christmas, but for those who like Italian fare. While most run of the mill places open and close shop, this place has been around for more than eleven years. Come season the restaurant has many regular groups thronging to get a taste of fare. There are many popular starters listed but the two fast moving preparations are the Crostini alla Boscaiola and the Fairy Jokes. It is faintly reminiscent of the old favourite – angels on horseback… if you do not order the dish, the jokes on you. While the spaghetti is outsourced, the lasagna, Tagliatelle and Raviolli are made in the kitchen. Lasagna Beef, Tagliatelle Bolognaise and Spaghetti Carbonara are some of the preparations. The Lasagna Beef with its béchamel and cheese sauce is tasty and suited to the Indian Palate; the Spaghetti Carbonara is rich and creamy. The Bolognaise (the portion is big) …Tagliatelle is well cooked. On the whole the experience leaves one with a ‘good feeling.’

There is ample choice with the desserts. Many diners go for the Melanzane alla Parmicana – the unique and popular brinjal preparation is something most Italian tourists look forward to. There is a wide selection of Vegetarian too. Order the Canneloni di Ricotta or the Penne Arrabiata. Two popular soups are the Minestrone and the Zuppa alla Cristoforo Colombo. Desserts have a wide selection – Crepe Suzette (good taste, sizable portion) served with ice cream and the Mousse Otello. The Shakespearean character will exclaim with passion as the thick Malaysian chocolate oozes out in your mouth. It is tradition that whenever the restaurant is open the star will shine.


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