In an old heritage house in the by lanes of Fountainhas is the home of Linda and Micheal de Sousa. And it is in this very house that one will find a heritage treasure. Well we are all aware that the Portuguese being traders left behind a rich legacy of fruit and vegetables as well as recipes which when fused with the local ingredients created a repertoire which perhaps only a few countries could really compete. Goan food hence was classified into preparations which were Portuguese, Goan and Hindu Goan. Linda, a self-confessed school teacher, who is passionate about food has delved into the past and created a menu which lists preparations that are not normally featured in other restaurants. So besides the Prawn Curry, Balchao, Cafreal, Caldin which are all old time favourites and not to be missed, she has preparations like Piexe Portuguese, Torradine, Pork Cabidel and many more which perhaps could be lost forever as most restaurants only cater to the know preparations.

Enter the narrow lane which is full of tables and lively chatter, remnant of sidewalk restaurants. People are heard exchanging jokes, words drifting in Konkani and Portuguese, definitely the essence of ‘Goa in the past’. The restaurant is the parlour of the old house, antique mirrors and Knick Knacks of the years gone by. You will see tables groaning under the spread of a big stuffed Tomaso (Red snapper), its red masala oozing out from its side, Batter Fried Squid, Prawn Caldin, Goa Prawn Curry, Fish Balchao, Chicken Cafreal, Goa rice… Luckily the furniture like the rest of the house is made of good antique wood. Her specialities off the menu which she recommends are Stuffed Karela, Feijoida, Arroz Com Chouris as she flits around talking to people, explaining the preparations to those who perhaps seek knowledge.

In a place like that one meets so many known faces when people stop to thank Linda for the lovely meal. Awarded by the Government of Goa the Life Achievement award at the International Cuisine Conference, she is unfazed in her quest. Tourists from India and abroad, step into her modest parlour their quest to sample the local authentic fare. Viva Panjim believes in safeguarding Goa’s heritage culinary treasure.

0832 2422405, 9850471363
31st January Road, Behind Mary Immaculate High School, Fountainhas, Panaji, Goa