Vodafone network down and out for the count?

In the age of high-speed Internet and advanced technology, one would think that most of our problems would be solved. And I suppose to a large extent they are. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case with Vodafone and their users in the last few days and today in particular.

Mobile phones are an extension of us

These days everyone’s got a mobile phone. We use them for work and for play. To make presentations and send emails or to download all kinds of mobile apps as well as listen to music and sometimes even watch tv shows on. In fact, there isn’t much we can’t do on a mobile phone.

These little electronic gadgets from Apple, Samsung and other inventors and makers of these, pretty much rule our lives. They have become like extra limbs on our bodies and if we lose them, all hell breaks loose.


Quite literally, everyone carries one on their person. On daily commutes for those that travel by train, you can see people with their noses buried in their phones. You can’t tell if they are having a conversation with someone, reading a book or just listening to music.

Most importantly, everyone is connected to the world via the Internet and woe betide if that goes down. Which is exactly what has been happening with the local network service providers like Idea, Vodafone and to quite a large extent, Airtel, here in Goa. Reliance Jio, being relatively new, seems to be holding up still.

Vodafone India is a 100% subsidiary of the Vodafone group and came into existence in 1994 when it’s predecessor, Hutchison Telecom acquired a cellular license to operate in Bombay. Brand Vodafone was launched in India in September 2007, after Vodafone Plc. acquired a majority stake in Hutchinson Essar in May 2007. From a single operation base with 31 million customers, the company has expanded its operations across the country.  It now covers all 22 telecom circles and services 210 million customers.

Vodafone goes to sleep

All morning, colleagues at work have been walking around asking two questions. “Does anyone here use Vodafone?”  followed by, “Is it working for you?”. I remember, the same issue used with the Idea Cellular network but that’s been working fine so far so no complaints for now.

After checking with friends via Social Media, have discovered that the network is indeed fluctuating between non-existent and barely there. This is making a whole lot of people angry. Calls are getting dropped, text messages aren’t going through, emails cannot be opened, email attachments aren’t getting downloaded, Whatsapp cannot be accessed and a whole bunch of other problems are coming up thanks to the network fluctuations.

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The reviews on the Internet aren’t very flattering either. Turns out this is happening all over the country and not just in our fair state.

Check out some of the comments on the DownDetector page below:

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What does it say then, when the network drops and you can’t get in touch with anyone? Imagine the plight of all those poor people that have taken temporary sim cards from Vodafone while on holiday for the Christmas season. Now, they probably won’t get New Year wishes also!





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