Voltaire: Where Goan Heritage Meets Exquisite Cuisine!


By Abisha Fernandes

Step into the nostalgic embrace of old Goan homes with Voltaire, a restaurant that pays homage to the rich traditions and cultural heritage of Goa. A division of M/s Dhungat Hospitalities, the restaurant offers patrons a wholesome experience that combines Goan culture with exceptional food. The restaurant is located near the renowned Reis Magos Fort in Reis Magos, a place that holds a significant place in the history of Goa.

The restaurant was founded in August 2022 by Mr. Sangam Dhungat, along with his parents Mr. Sandeep Dhungat and Mrs. Sangeeta Dhungat. Mr. Sangam and his parents come from a family of entrepreneurs who have been in the business of hardware and building materials for many years. They aimed to introduce lesser-known aspects of Goan cuisine, especially the Hindu-influenced food, which is deeply rooted in the region’s history. Inspired by his childhood memories, Mr. Sangam envisioned bringing his home-cooked delights to a larger audience, ensuring that the rich experience of Goan cuisine is accessible to all food enthusiasts. The restaurant premises itself was created by renovating an 80-year-old godown, previously used to store hardware stocks, into a charming dining destination.

Out of the vast array of dishes on their menu, the ones which are most popular with diners include their flavorful Tisryanche/Sungtanche Dangar, Sungtanche Lonche, Bangdyachi Udhamethi, and Bharillo Bangdo. To cater to the preferences of young patrons, the founders have also infused traditional recipes with contemporary elements and ingredients, resulting in finger foods that tantalize taste buds.

One of the biggest USPs of Voltaire is the wide range of vegetarian options which they offer. They even offer dishes without onion and garlic to accommodate various dietary needs. The popularity of their vegetarian offerings is exemplified by ‘Suwadik Shravan’, a month-long food festival during the month of Shravan, which showcases their delectable vegetarian delicacies.

What sets Voltaire apart from other restaurants is not just their exceptional recipes but also the welcoming ambience, attentive service, and, most importantly, the motto of infusing everything the team does with love.

Since its inception, Voltaire has garnered positive responses from its patrons. It has earned a loyal following in Goa, across India, and even overseas. It has become a favourite among regulars seeking an authentic taste of Goa. Many of the recipes originate from the culinary expertise of Mrs. Sangeeta Dhungat, who has standardized them for commercial operations. Their signature dishes predominantly feature Saraswat recipes which are cherished family secrets handed down through generations. While challenges are an inevitable part of any business, the founders believe that how they tackle them is what truly matters.

For the past five years, Voltaire has also been operating an online food delivery service called Marmite, providing the convenience of home-cooked meals delivered straight to your doorsteps. This service has made celebrations like Ganesh Chaturthi and other festivities significantly easier for nearly 100 families across Goa, enabling them to savour traditional Goan dishes during these special occasions.

Looking to the future, Voltaire is excited to announce the re-launch of the restaurant with the same delightful food, a fresh and vibrant atmosphere, and an abundance of love. Additionally, through Marmite, they will be offering regular tiffin services to parts of North Goa, providing the ultimate convenience for those longing for home-cooked food.

Visit Voltaire for an immersive culinary journey that celebrates the essence of Goan culture, rich traditions, and the delightful flavours of Hindu-influenced cuisine.