Wheelchair Holiday Winner Arrives in Goa


Panaji, Goa witnessed an unimaginable event on Saturday, 30th August.  The Differnetly-abled had gathered to welcome a twenty five year old Graphic Designer. The amazing part was, this group of physically challenged people had assembled to welcome Sai Kaustuv Dasgupta, who arrived from Andhra Pradesh on a ‘wheelchair accessible’ holiday. A first-of-its-kind event in Goa.

Being organized by Umoja, an online travel portal for persons with disabilities, Yeshwant Holkar, the CEO and Co-founder of Umoja identified 35 places, including restaurants and tourist spots in the state, accessible by persons with disabilities. However, none of the beaches featured in the list of accessibility. Sai portrayed his willingness to work in tandem with the Goa Government to make at least one beach accessible to the differently-abled.  Mr. Holkar, the tour operator, is trying to identify hotels, restaurants and other places which are accessible in the state. Freedom Cab, the first wheel chair friendly taxi will be unveiled in the state on 15 August, 2016.

Great initiatives are being taken to better the lives of the physically challenged in India. Hats-off to all those involved in this noble cause.