More room to park in Panjim


Ever been in a’ jam’ in Panaji, a ‘traffic jam!’? Ever experienced difficulty in finding sufficient parking? Well, be of good cheer! Now all those woes could be a thing of the past, as the planned, spacious car park at Patto, (Panaji) will be thrown open to the public. The project cost was estimated at a whopping Rs.45 crore.

Referred to as the ‘Multi Level Car Parking Project’, and prominently located opposite the Santa Monica Jetty, it is visible as soon as you approach Panaji. The unique design is a 1st for Goa and should hopefully alleviate the continual car parking woes as it is spread over an area of 19,400 sq metres.

A total of 462 cars can be parked:

Ground floor = 87 cars

1st floor = 85 cars

2nd floor = 85 cars

3rd floor = 85 cars

Terrace = 87 cars

Outside= 33 cars

The building will be fully equipped with 2 lifts for ease of access to the respective parking spaces. Other amenities like toilets, CCTV cameras and good lighting in and around for night time users will be in place. The car parking unit will also be monitored by security guards.

The state of the art, car parking facility was built to upgrade Infrastructure for tourists and was carried out under the ‘Integrated Development of Infrastructure for Heritage and Hinterland Tourism’ in this beautiful state. The Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, also provided monetary help for the completion of the project. To make the project sustainable, the Goa Tourism Development Corporation will finalise a plan of action to earn revenue from the building.

This project could soon be replicated in other major cities of Goa, where a lot of traffic congestion takes place, owing to Goa’s myriad vehicles.