Konkani meets modern Technology?


The 71st Amendment to the Constitution of India, amended the eighth schedule to the Constitution which includes Konkani. It focuses on a language’s growth and making it an effective means of communication.

Since the Amendment was developed on August 20, the Goa Konkani Akademi celebrates the Rashtramanyataai Dis on this day every year. This year too, several writers and poets spoke about the need for the mother-tongue to keep up with technology.

“It is a time to evaluate the achievements in the fields of language, literature, education and arts. This review will encourage us to progress further, to fill up the gaps,” said Tanaji Halarnkar, eminent writer and editor of Konkani Encyclopaedia.

Revitalizing Konkani among the youth is vital to give them clarity about their roots and culture. Poet Sanjiv Verenkar also said that an informative booklet, in print as well as online, be made available to enable the youth to understand the benefits of recognition of the language.

Others felt technology offers several tools which must be exploited for the blooming of the language. “Konkani pronunciations must be made available on the internet and audio books have to become a reality,” said Subhash Jan, a higher secondary lecturer and radio newscaster.

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