Amira Menkurkar: A Goan Influencer Making Waves in Bahrain


In the world of social media, influencers have become a powerful force, shaping trends and influencing millions of people around the globe. Among them is Amira Menkurkar, a 24-year-old model and blogger hailing from the beautiful village of Assonora in North Goa.

Born and brought up in the Kingdom of Bahrain, Amira’s heart was always tied to her homeland, Goa. After completing her schooling, she returned to Goa to pursue her higher education. She enrolled at Dnyanpraasarak Mandal’s College, Mapusa, where she earned her Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a specialization in Marketing. Throughout her college days, she resided in Mapusa and Saipem, Candolim, exploring the vibrant culture and beautiful landscapes of Goa.

Her Journey as a Model and Influencer

After completing her graduation, Amira moved back to Bahrain and interned in Human Resources at an interior design firm. Later, she joined a logistics firm where she currently serves as an Air Imports Executive. Amira’s childhood dream of becoming a model was rekindled when a friend approached her to model for his startup boutique. Encouraged by the experience, she took a leap of faith into the world of modelling and was soon recognized for her unique style and personality. The turning point for Amira came when she joined “Bahrain Life,” a marketing platform that kick-started her journey as a blogger and influencer. Driven by her passion for exploring new places, savouring delightful cuisines, and capturing the beauty of life through photography, she began to share her experiences with the world.

Support and Challenges

In every endeavour, support from loved ones is crucial, and Amira was fortunate to have the backing of her family as she pursued her dreams. Although some of her friends initially doubted her path, she remained steadfast in her beliefs, ignoring the negativity and criticism. Her journey was not without challenges, as balancing a full-time job as an Air Imports Executive with her passion for influencing demanded impeccable multitasking skills and dedication.

Role Models and Aspirations

Inspired by fellow influencers, particularly Nagma Mirajkar, who attained fame and success at a young age, Amira found the motivation to keep pushing forward. Dreaming big, she aspires to meet Bollywood heartthrob, Kartik Aaryan, and collaborate with prominent influencers from Goa and across India in the future. With her sights set on greatness, Amira hopes to transition into a full-time career in the influencing industry. Her dream is to reach new heights where her passion can not only sustain her lifestyle but also empower her to support others and give back to society.

Her Message to Goan Youth

As she reflects on her journey and the challenges she faced, Amira shares a powerful message with all Goan youngsters: “Stay positive, remain determined in your pursuits, and never allow others’ negativity to dampen your spirits. Embrace your dreams and turn them into reality, just as she did”.