Happy World Goa Day 2023


Goans all across the world observe World Goa Day on the 20th of August every year. The first World Goa Day was celebrated on August 20, 2000; it was celebrated to commemorate the anniversary of the inclusion of Konkani in the 8th schedule of the Indian Constitution by the Indian Parliament on August 20, 1992, when Konkani was recognized as one of the official languages of India. 

For Goans spread across the world, it is indeed heartening to hear about events like the World Goa Day global programs that work with the primary objective of uniting Goans from all over the world in a common celebration and show of unity. Mr. Rene Barreto, a Goan based in the UK has been spearheaded the promotion of these global events for the past 25 years. He has been doing so with the cooperation and support of a well-coordinated team comprising of Goans spread across different parts of the world including the UK, Scotland, Ireland, USA, Canada, Middle East, Africa, Australia, New Zealand and India.

Although 20th August is the official date set for the celebration of World Goa Day, the occasion is celebrated by Goans the world over, on or around this date.  World Goa Day brings together the Goan diaspora and helps strengthen their connection with their homeland and each other.  Events like these provide an opportunity for people to celebrate their Goan heritage, share experiences and foster a sense of community among those who may be living far away from their ancestral roots. It is wonderful to see volunteers selflessly dedicating their time and efforts to organize such events and facilitate these meaningful connections. This year too, Goans all across the world have many events lined up to celebrate World Goa Day. These events will certainly draw many more Goans to come forward to join these celebrations in the years ahead.

World Goa Day as a cultural celebration aims to promote and celebrate the rich and diverse culture of Goa. This includes showcasing traditional music, dance, cuisine, arts, and other cultural aspects that make Goa unique and also revolve around celebrating the heritage and contributions of the state of Goa with the Goan diaspora worldwide.

Heritage preservation is another key area of focus and some of the World Goa Day events organized across the world help in raising awareness about the historical significance of Goa and its architectural, artistic and natural heritage. This in turn helps encourage efforts to preserve and protect these elements for future generations.

World Goa Day also helps serve as a platform for community building by fostering a sense of community among Goans around the world, bringing together people with Goan roots, providing opportunities for networking, sharing experiences and reinforcing our cultural identity.

The celebration of World Goa Day in various countries and places also helps in promoting tourism in Goa. It helps in showcasing the state’s attractions, natural beauty, and historical sites and encouraged travellers to visit and experience Goa’s hospitality.

Many celebrating communities also use World Goa Day events to draw attention to philanthropic and social causes by incorporating a charitable component, aiming to support social causes and initiatives in Goa or within the Goan community, which at times include fundraising efforts, donations to local organizations or volunteering opportunities.  

World Goa Day is therefore your opportunity to reach out and be part of a wider community that not only focuses on fun, frolic, food or dance, but also helps you to contribute to a more wonderful and sustainable global world.  

Have a wonderful World Goa Day celebration. Viva Goa!