Megans World – Handmade toys with lots of love!

The world is full of enterprising young people. People that want to do something and make a difference. And Aarti Gedam of Megans World is no different. Aarti creates lovely handmade toys for children.  So let’s enter Megans World and check out the goodies in store.

Megans World, where everything is handmade with lots of love

So, you know how most children’s toys are mass produced today? It’s difficult to find toys made from safe materials which won’t hurt your child should they decide put it in their mouth, as children are wont to do. That means it’s time to look for toymakers that use softer materials and fabrics to create safe toys for children.

Now, when you buy from a hand-maker, you buy more than just some mass-produced object. You buy 100’s of hours of failure and experimentation. You buy days, weeks and months of frustration and moments of pure joy! At the end of it all, you aren’t buying a thing. You’re buying a piece of the heart, part of the soul and a moment of someone’s life! This is exactly how Aarti Gedam feels about all the fabulous hand-made toys she makes at Megans World.

Megans World
A plush little elephant made with lots of love from Megans World.
Image credit – Megans World Facebook page
Megans World
Fabric teeth toys made for a children’s dental clinic right here in Goa!
Image credit – Megans World Facebook page

While Aarti has made tons of soft toys and soft fabric books filled with all things good for children, her latest and current venture is a series of activity-based storybooks called BOZO. This is her first story-based activity book which is aimed at teaching pre-schoolers to be just a little bit self-sufficient. Activities in the book include brushing teeth, choosing outfits, choosing breakfast meals and so on. These are board books and can be personalized for each child.

Megans World
BOZO activity books for kids. The latest venture from Megans World!
Image credit – Megans World Facebook page

Aarti Gedam – The very center of Megans World

Aarti lived in Goa most of, if not all her life. Now, she makes all her lovely creative toys herself, all the way from Dubai. She not only makes the toys herself but takes care of all the other logistics involved as well.  Aarti has an extremely bubbly personality and a very encouraging husband. Together, she and Ryan are the parents of two very adorable little girls.

I asked Aarti about her inspiration in setting up Megans World and without any hesitation, this is what she had to say.

“Hello! I am Aarti Gedam, founder of Megans World. I’m a mum of two, juggling motherhood and my dreams of running this small home-based business with an intention to spread smiles like confetti! Megan’s world is all about handmade personalized toys, books, and nursery decor’. What makes it different is that it’s handmade, durable and safe for kids.It’s a very interesting way for toddlers and preschoolers to learn basic stuff like numbers shapes, gross motor skills etc.”

She further added, “I am very passionate about every small thing I create. I look forward to the smile of my little clients and the encouraging feedback from their parents and friends. Today kids have modern-day distractions – TV, IPads, Smart Phones etc. I want to find different crafty and fun ways for kids to be busy and to imagine, play and learn. I want parents to participate and spend time with their kids, improve the family bond. There are so many toys and books on the market but when they are personalized and handmade, it becomes a keepsake and stays special, at least for me! These products make excellent gifts for Birthdays, Christenings, New Parents, the list goes on!”

Transitioning from the corporate world to Megans World

Aarti is a former HR professional and as she says, “the change from corporate world to a stay-at-home mum wasn’t an easy transition. Motherhood is all about learning that things don’t go as planned. It’s realizing that the only control we have in our life is over our own reactions and nothing else. It’s realizing that we cant control our kids or force them to do anything they really don’t want to do.It’s learning to let go! Motherhood is a mess and I choose to embrace it. Juggling between crafting and diaper changes isn’t easy!”

Well, whatever Aarti is doing at Megans World sure looks like a ton of fun and cheer. And after reading the comments on the Megans World Facebook page, Aarti better hurry and bring us a lot more like she’s planned and promised. The girl and her work are an absolute success! If you would like to order, check out the Megans World Facebook page for more details. You won’t be disappointed and neither will your children be.

We wish you and all at Megans World all the very best, Aarti Gedam!


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