Moving to metropolitan cities for jobs: choice or compulsion?

Here's why

Most of you must have seen your friends and classmates leaving Goa and going abroad or to metropolitan cities in search of Jobs. So I tried to figure and point out what’s the reason behind this. Let’s see what people had to say and what I tried to analyse.

Monalisa Dias 


“When I was still in Goa, opportunities weren’t that many and neither was the pay scale any better. I just thought it made sense to move to another city if I wanted to see growth.”

Artimizia Dias

Goa is heaven for every Goan I believe. But it’s important to grow as a person to move out of your comfort zone experience life in other parts of India and the world. It gives you a gist of the struggles people go through, how people accomplish their goals, experiencing a fast life, getting accustomed to a different culture and lifestyle. All this just gives you a lot of wisdom, courage and motivation to take on life. Because our life largely depends on our environment and experiencing different environments have a big impact on maturity. I highly recommend every youngster to get out of their comfort zone at least once in their life. These years will teach you more than anything else you have learnt.”


What could be the reason, let’s analyse.

It could be three factors for moving to metropolitan cities


Comparing the salary packages offered for a particular job in Goa is much lesser than pay package in metros. The  cost of living might be higher there  but don’t overlook the plenty of job opportunities that these metropolitan cities have to offer. Especially media based jobs in Goa are not paid enough but if you go to Mumbai you will be paid double the amount of what you’re getting here.


The fact is that most of us want to live a fast life and want a change. It is known to all that Goa is one of the exotic places that one will find in India. So someone who is fond of fast life and wants the best quality of infrastructure, education system, career opportunities might be happy to switch.

Exposure and Experience

Exposure and  Experience are one of the main reasons why people move out. Big companies are not here in Goa and working for big names obviously will  boost their resume and give better opportunity. However most of the Goans prefer going abroad and coming back to their roots with good amount in their pocket. Talking about exposure, cooperate companies will definitely help you as a person.

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