Newborn baby deserted at Narrow Gate Curtorim Goa


A newborn baby boy was found deserted at Narrow Gate in Curtorim today. Passerbys noticed a child left unattended and took him to a Primary Health Centre in Curtorim immediately. After a quick check-up and some medication, the baby was shifted to Hospicio hospital in Margao.

The baby is in a stable condition and has been admitted to a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). It is an intensive care unit specializing in the care of newborns.

Several cases of newborns being abandoned have been recorded in Goa. Baby dumping is so cruel and parents just leave their child younger than 12 months in a public place with the intent of disposing of them. They may have their own reasons to abandon their babies but it is not the way they should.

People that abandon their newborns seem too selfish and want to get rid of their responsibilities that come with a baby. They are being disposed of as if they were garbage and see no value in life.

The strength these newborns have is unspeakable who make it through the hard life they are forced to live. Hope it is the same with this child and doesn’t grow to hate humanity because of a few evil people.

This newborn was luckily found in a safer place than garbage bins, drains or even in dark cold nights. Whichever place babies are abandoned, they are all bad, and it is awful that such things happen in today’s world.

It is 2017, there are alternative options than just disposing of an infant. Orphanages, fire departments and people who are willing to adopt babies can help out.

Wake up! End cruelty!