Panjim Church Feast History, Movie Shoots & Every Goan Silhouettes

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Cruises in Goa To Experience The Nightlife of Panjim City

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Fontainhas Latin Quarters in Panjim & The Gateway To Another World

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Residents of Boca de Vaca ‘spring’ into action during Panjim water crisis

Panjim water crisis

To say it’s been a rough few days for Panjim is an understatement. Residents across the capital have not had water for almost a week. Last Friday, heavy rains and a resulting landslide led to the breakage of a major pipeline near Ponda, at the Opa water supply plant. This halted the supply of water […]

Panjim to Dabolim Airport for 100 Rupees. Too good to be true?

Airport Shuttle

The irony of traveling by flight to neighboring states has always been that often the cost of getting to the airport is almost as expensive as the ticket to Maharashtra or Karnataka. For instance, a flight to Pune in the first week of April 2019, will cost an average of Rs. 2500. The trip to […]

Resolve to get fit this 2019 with Fitness Bar in Panjim

The first month of the new year is over, and if one of your resolutions was to get fit, you’re probably feeling the burn – and not in a good way. Historically, February is the month where resolutions come to die, so if you feel like you’re losing motivation instead of weight, then maybe the […]

Panjim-Margao traffic will have alternate route, say authorities

Panjim-Margao traffic

Goa is well on its way to getting two new bridges that are supposed to ease the state’s traffic woes in the long run. For now, traffic is chaotic despite one of the new bridges, the one over the Mandovi river, almost being ready. However, in recent months, most of the attention has been on […]

The wonderful world of books at the Goa State Central Library in Panjim

Central Library

Reading is a favorite pasttime of a lot of people. Each one’s taste in books is different and people tend to visit bookstores looking out for their favorites. If they can’t be found, they’ll turn to the online world and pick up books from a website like Amazon. However, not everyone is inclined to take […]

Taking a walk around Panjim’s newest attraction, the Mangrove Boardwalk

mangrove boardwalk

As students, we learn about the environment as part of the school curriculum. One topic that is very relatable and very important to Goa is that about the mangroves which one sees all over the state. They can mostly be found along the banks of the Mandovi, Zuari and even their tributaries. Mangroves are crucial […]

Panjim’s iconic Café Bhonsle square to become a pedestrian-friendly zone

Café Bhonsle

In recent years, Panjim has become almost impossible to navigate thanks to the amount of traffic on the roads. Most of the roads within the main city area are usually choked with vehicles. Two-way roads do not just have traffic plying but there are vehicles usually parked on both sides, making these roads even narrower. […]