Paragliding in Goa and Love – How They Are The Same


Among all leisure activities, paragliding in Goa is one of the most favoured ones for people of all ages.

Tourists from all over the world look upon Goa as a hub of adventure sports activities and specifically paragliding.

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This leisure activity makes you fly high up in the sky while giving you the wings of your dreams. Concepts are similar however paragliding in Goa as an adventure sport takes you a few meters high as 100 meters high. Goa boasts a lot of fancy seashores which are a hub for enjoying paragliding. This refreshing activity is a must on your visit to Goa.

Best Time To Enjoy Paragliding In Goa

Goa, the tropical beauty is at its best during the winter months of November to February. It enchants its vacationers with its pristine seashores and stunning views which can take your breath away.

The length of November to March generally attracts site visitors the most due to its climate and the parties of Christmas and New Year provides glory to it. Paragliding, ideal for youth and adults too are enjoyed the most during these months as the weather is cool, neither too cold or not hot, which makes it an ideal time to enjoy the sport.

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Dos and Don’ts

  • Wear light and comfortable clothing.
  • Carry an extra pair of clothes
  • Don’t forget your sunglasses and sunscreen
  • Don’t ride if you have health conditions that are not suitable for such kind of activity
  • Don’t ride if your weight doesn’t comply with this activity, both underweight and overweight
  • Don’t go Parasailing when the weather conditions are harsh or during the rains.

7 Best Spots For Paragliding In Goa

Goa is a vacation spot that has adequate of things to offer. A region for all kinds of traveller, no one leaves from Goa unimpressed. Listed below are the top spots for paragliding in Goa for you to take a look at out!

Arambol Beach

Everybody loves Arambol seaside as it is a sight offering best of both worlds. Not only does it provide a peaceable solitude however additionally an exciting nightlife. It is placed in North Goa that is a appreciated traveller region amongst all.

Here you will witness a lot of humans playing adventurous sports activities with paragliding being the most enjoyable. The flight here starts from a cliff located between Harmal and Arambol beaches. After taking off, you will be mesmerized to witness the view of plains and mountains that accompanies the lengthy shoreline of the pristine beach.

Cost: INR 3000 per person

Duration: 1 hour

Baga Beach

One of the most popular North beaches, Baga is not only known for its nightlife, but also for its watersports. And Parasailing at Baga will ensure you are catching all the fun happenings from up above.

Cost: Rs 600 onwards

Duration: 45-minute

Anjuna Beach

The Anjuna seaside is well-known for its mystical rock formations which can be viewed from the special vantage factor that parasailing at Anjuna Beach will offers you.

Cost: INR 2000 per person

Duration: 15 minutes

Calangute Beach
If you desire to soak in seaside views, fortress view, clear skies, and more, Parasailing in Calangute provides all of that. You will fly like a chook over it all and are seeking for the thrill like no other.
Cost: Rs 900 onwards
Duration: 20-minute

Colva Beach
Colva Beach is one of the typical shorelines in Goa and is characterised via sweeping white sand shores and endless coastlines that make it best for parasailing.
Cost: INR 800 per person
Duration: 20 minutes

Vagator Beach
The fame of Dil Chahta Hai has highly popularized the beach which is a must addition to Chapora Fort.

The beach can be popularly seen in several Hindi movies because of its majestic Chapora Fort, a popular fort in the state. The clear and pristine view of blue water and white sand in addition to the lush landscape is a treat to watch. Parasailing in and around Vagator beach will offer the tourists a spectacular view of red cliffs that surrounds the area.

Cost: INR 800 per person
Duration: 20 minutes

Dona Paula Beach
The lover’s paradise, Dona Paula seaside gives some of the excellent views when paragliding in Goa. This seaside is close to Panjim and is easily accessible.
Time Required: 20 minutes
Cost: INR 500-1000

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Bogmalo Beach
Bogmalo seaside is located in Vasco that is situated on one end of the northern phase of Goa close to Goa airport. This is the great getaway for travellers involved in soaking in the sun while enjoying thrilling water sports.

Paragliding is offered here on the pristine seaside surrounding red cliffs that offer an enthralling flying experience. The luxurious Bogmalo beach resort is truly a well-known spot for tourists who laze around the beach soaking in the basking sun.
Cost: INR 800 per person

Duration: 20 minutes