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Humans of Goa – This Food Influencer of Goa Tells Delectable Stories

Ruben Rodrigues is a food influencer who lives in Margao, but has followers from all across Goa. His unique way of sharing quickfire food videos, and keeping the slang local, endears to his followers. Humans of Goa is our original and official series that shares stories from the lives of Goans. Humans of Goa is made for and made up of Goans

He is one of Goa’s top food influencers, and we thought what better way to conclude Shravan, than interview the funny and chirpy, Ruben.
The team of ItsGoa caught up with him and over the burner (pun intended).
Humans of Goa is our original and official series that shares stories from the lives of Goans. Humans of Goa is made for and made up of Goans.

Let’s get started.

What do they call you at home?

My loved ones call me Ruby. My Instagram handle is @Masterclass.de.r7


Ruben, if anyone were to ask you, “Please introduce yourself”. How would you do so?

humans of goa
Pic Credit – Ruben Rodrigues

I call my followers my Kurkurit fam. All I do is make useful videos, finish off hunger, and make them smile.

Footage credit – The Food Diary From Mom to Son

What was that one moment when you decided that, “That’s it! I want to tell stories through food”?

goan food influencer
Pic Credit – Ruben Rodrigues

I think it was because of my Grandmother and Mother. Simply seeing them create magic over the kitchen table made me take up food creation and food reviewing. Simply showcasing food does not make it meaningful and tasty until you bring the zest and taste with humor to get your audience engaged.

Why become a food influencer? Why not something else?

This is actually by chance! After I cleared my 12th boards. I saw no options in front of me but my Dad randomly filled the entrance form for IHM Goa for BSC in Hospitality. I actually got through. And then, I just fell in love with food.

Footage courtesy – The Food Diary From Mom to Son

Tell us a bit about your role models. Any aspects or traits that makes them so… (can be from the food world too)

My role model is definitely my mom Fermina Dias. My grandma herself was a fantastic cook, in turn, making my mom a great cook, so I think it flows in the family. It’s in me too.

Footage credit – The Food Diary From Mom to Son

What was the biggest challenge when becoming a food influencer? And how did you overcome it?

goa's top influencer
Pic Credit – Ruben Rodrigues

It’s the lockdown which forced me to explore my inner talents to create and make content that kept me occupied while I underwent my practical as a student of IHM. All this happened under the strict supervision of the best instructor, my Mother.

What is it about food, that makes you swoon?

Memories of good food eaten at a particular place and the memories associated with it. For e.g. my grandmother made the best Chicken Fry and Chicken Xacuti, which till date nobody in the family can recreate. I do miss that a lot.

Footage credit – The Food Diary From Mom to Son

Any food related incident you remember as a kid? A Masterchef episode maybe or seeing a food influencer on TV?

I enjoy watching Gordon Ramsey’s cooking shows and the fire in him. Love it!

Footage credit – The Food Diary From Mom to Son

Name your favorite food bloggers that you follow. Any favorite Chefs you feel are also great personalities?

food blogger award
Pic Credit – Ruben Rodrigues

In the world of food influencing, I like Zingyzest. She’s really cute and down to earth. She also is outspoken and has great content. and chefs

Can you write a couple of lines for us here say on the topic of “Food is Life”?

Well obviously ‘Food is Life’. Good food with friends and family, add flavors, zest and spice to life. Food connects all humanity together. Good food equals good vibes. Good memories and taste linger for years.

What role did family and friends play in becoming a food influencer? Any quick incident you recall that helped you overcome a hurdle or challenge in life with help from fam?

goa personalities
Pic Credit – Ruben Rodrigues

Family has been the strongest support to make me what I am today. My mother stood like a rock behind me against all odds. There was a time in between where my engagement rate was down and that’s when my friends came in to motivate me.

What were people’s feedback (negative and positive), and who stood by you the most?

Most of the feedback were negative. Many said I won’t have a future. My mom made me believe in myself and what I am now is an answer to them.

What is the legacy you want to leave behind? And for whom?

I am a big dreamer. I have so much knowledge to acquire. I want to have my own TV show on which I’ll travel the world to cook and eat. I want to be in the hearts of every Goan. My YouTube channel will be passed on to my children.
Currently, it’s named ‘The Food Diary from Mom to Son’, which will then become ‘The Food Diary from Dad to Daughter/Son’.

You can catch a snippet of this conversation on ItsGoa‘s Instagram page. Humans of Goa is our original and official series that shares stories from the lives of Goans. ‘Humans of Goa’ celebrates the spirit of every Goan.
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