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The Saturday Night Market is unique only to Goa and a must visit


Over the years, Goa has earned a reputation for being one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in the world. A large number of foreigners such as the British and the Russians can be found in Goa almost every year along with tourists from all over Europe as well. The domestic tourists that arrive in droves are another story altogether. And it’s not just the beaches, restaurants and nightclubs that they want to visit. They’ve all heard about Goa’s famous Saturday Night market and want to visit it and check out all it has to offer.

Getting to the Saturday Night Market

The Saturday Night Market is located in Arpora. Arpora is approximately 18 kilometres from Panjim and 9 kilometres from Mapusa. These are the two closest large towns to the venue. The night market is much closer to such areas as Candolim, Calangute, Baga and is easily accessible by taxi from any of these places.

Entertainment for all

The market usually happens between December and March now depending on the response from visitors as well as the availability of merchandise that is sold there. Timings are from 6 pm to around 12 pm but if people are hungry, they just hang around at the many food stalls. Plus, there’s some really great music to listen to as well, played by different bands and solo artists.

The Lower Field, Central Field and Upper Field

Lower Field – There are loads of clothes stall around this area.One can dig through mountainous piles of clothing which usually go for cheap prices, shoes, bags and other unusual items like leather goods and accessories. They sell exotic spices at the market as well. The silver jewellery is really exquisite and a bit on the expensive end as are the handicrafts and other interesting artworks that are found at the night market. One can even pick up some beautiful Pashmina shawls, perfect to wrap oneself in, especially in chilly weather.

Central Field – If your hunger pangs are strong and your thirst needs quenching, head to the Central Field for some delicious food and drinks. There is a variety of food stalls from which one can choose to eat Italian, Indian, Greek, Tex-Mex and so much more. There are 3 bars in this area with each one dedicated to serving beer, wine and basic liquor and cocktails respectively. If sushi is the craving of the evening, there’s even a food counter that serves freshly rolled sushi and dimsums. Music is an integral part of the Saturday Night market with different musical artists and groups performing different styles and genres.

Upper Field – The Upper field that rises up the small hillock towards the rear of the market, features popular kiosks of international designers, a few local merchants and the Boutique House Bar at the top right. The bar serves fresh fruit cocktails, live DJ sets & a magic Tequila cocktail stand! This is the special party zone at the night market. Which means you need not go out and get stuck in traffic if you want to have some fun. Of course, if the music is still not to your liking, you can still head to Baga and party at any of the nightclubs in the area.

When in Goa…

So don’t forget, when in Goa, visit the Saturday Night market for a taste of everything whether it’s shopping, food, drinks, musical performances or even a nightclub experience.  You won’t go home or to your hotel, disappointed because they’ve got it all at the largest and most exciting night market in the state!

Information credit – WhatsUpGoa