Dynamic women are at the heart of Nordic Intent in Goa

The dynamic women of Nordic Intent

Muhammad Ali Jinnah said, “No struggle can ever succeed without women participating side by side with men.” This is a belief that the founders of Nordic Intent, the Goa-based startup accelerator and incubator hold true. With a workforce of close to fifty percent women, company directors Caleb and Judah Fernandez have set the standard for […]

The tradition of cake mixing for the Christmas season


With exactly 2 months until Christmas, people will soon begin to get ready for the festive season. In the West, people start putting up their decorations well in advance and even hold pre-Christmas parties just to usher in the spirit of Christmas. Closer to the date, all sorts of traditions are brought to the fore […]

The crowning glory that is the Kopel or flower crown at São João

kopel or flower crown

The feast of St. John the Baptist or São João is celebrated every year on 24th June. It’s a feast with the added excitement of jumping into wells and other water bodies for fun. Celebrated all over Goa, it is definitely more popular with people living in North Goa. And, of course, as with all […]

There are 3 churches dedicated to St John the Baptist in Goa

St John

The feast of St John the Baptist is almost here. Celebrated on the 24th of June every year, it’s one of the most popular feasts among Goans and is better known as São João to everyone in the state. And of course, since it’s a feast, there has to be a saint involved. Which also […]

World Konkani Day 2018 – Uniting Goans around the world

World Konkani Day 2018

Organised by Music Mafia, World Konkani Day 2018 was celebrated at Ravindra Bhavan Margao on 8th and 9th April this year, 9th April being the death anniversary of Shenoi Goembab, noted Konkani activist in whose honour the day came to be known as World Konkani Day. World Konkani Day celebrates our mother tongue – Konkani, […]

Socorro Parish comes alive this August 15th for a six-in-one Cultural Festival

Socorro Parish and the Socio-art and Cultural Association have been in the news for all the right reasons. Celebrating the essence of Goa and Goenkarponn. This year, on 15th August, the Village of Socorro will come alive once again to celebrate a six-in-one Cultural Festival. The day in question marks the feast of Our Lady […]