In 2 weeks, the annual ban on fishing begins in Goa

Ban on Fishing for trawlers in Goa

If you’ve been to the market to do your daily dose of groceries, you will have probably noticed that the price of fish is suddenly quite high. Kingfish is about Rs. 1000 a kilo, while the humble Mackerel is selling for about Rs. 200 for half a dozen. If you’re curious as to why the […]

Trawler owners unsure of resuming fishing off Goa’s waters


From the onset of the monsoons in June, Goa’s annual fishing ban came into effect. Now, with the weakening of the monsoon season, the fishing ban is almost over. However, there is an uncertainty on the part of the fishing trawler owners when it comes to resuming fishing in the high seas. Trawler owners keep […]

Drishti lifeguards rescue fishermen in two separate incidents

Drishti lifeguards

The monsoons are still on in Goa even though they seem to have abated for now. That being said, it’s still not safe enough to go into the sea. Swimming is still off limits although the fishing ban is about to be lifted. That means fishermen are getting ready to start fishing once more. Of […]

The 11 rivers in the beautiful state of Goa are lifelines for its people

11 rivers

Rivers are both important and beautiful. You will always find settlements by rivers in order to make full use of water and food supply. India has a vast network of rivers, most of which either drain into the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal. Goa, India’s smallest state has a total of 11 rivers […]

Spending weekends in Goa

Weekends in Goa

Ever wondered what Goans do during weekends? Weekends in Goa can be refreshing after a long busy week, anyone would require a break. So here is the list of activities that you can do during weekends. Prepare yourself for the weekends in Goa! Plan it well. Showbar Exchange One of the most talked about lounge […]

Annual fishing ban for 61 days

Fishing Ban Goa

The annual fishing ban has been imposed in the state of Goa for this season.  The approaching monsoon season has got us all in a twist. No fishing for two months in Goa seems improbable but is true. The annual fishing ban has been announced in Goa this season from June 1 to July 31. This […]

Hauling 250% rise – Marine Overload

Not long after the fishing ban, the Goan markets are flooded with fish. Particularly with tuna.This financial year witnessed a sharp rise of over 250 per cent in comparison to last year. According to the state’s fisheries department, local fishermen netted 5,577 tonnes of the saltwater finfish (Tuna) in 2015-16 against 1,560 tonnes in 2014-15. Tuna […]

LED light fishing permitted beyond 12 nautical miles

Fisheries Minister Avertano Furtado informed the State Legislative assembly that light-emitting diode LED light fishing was permitted beyond 12 nautical miles. The area within 12 nautical miles is under Goa’s jurisdiction. However, two conditions were imposed on boat owners for using the LED light fishing method. Two conditions for using LED light fishing method: The […]