8 major lakes in Goa found to be extremely polluted


Right on the heels of the Goa State Pollution Control Board’s report about the air quality in the state being reduced to poor levels, comes more bad news. Water pollution is also on the rise with the discovery of 8 major lakes in the state having high levels of toxicity. Even though the GSPCB’s water […]

Goans pledge to adopt Sustainable Mobility in the state


Sunday morning saw locals come out in large numbers to participate in the WWF-India’s ‘One Planet Streets for All’ event. The event was held for all to take a stand for the cause of having inclusive streets and adopting sustainable modes of commuting. It’s time for sustainable mobility in Goa WWF-India held the event in […]

Could we be seeing the last of plastic bags in Goa?


The population of India is over a billion. There are people everywhere, whether it’s in the cities or even rural areas. There are the educated and literate and others that are neither. Almost every household has a car, sometimes even two. This is a major contributing factor to the pollution problem that we are facing. […]

Open toilets on Salcete’s beaches leave a stink in the air


First, there was all the noise being made about tourists using open spaces as their own, personal campsite complete with cooking equipment. Right on its heels come reports that the Salcete beaches have it even worse considering they are now being used as open toilets. A horrifying stench According to the newspapers, you can’t even […]

GTDC aims for Blue Flag certification of Goa’s beaches

Blue Flag certification

Goa is best known and loved for its beaches. With a coastline that’s approximately 105 kilometers long, the state has some of the most beautiful beaches in India. However, we do not have the Blue Flag certification for any beach in India. What is Blue Flag certification? In short, The Blue Flag is a certification by the Foundation […]

Casinos Gambling away Goa

By Rebecca Pereira The government has promised for quite a while now to stay on top of the demands made by the locals in regards to casinos. In addition, the government is refining the Gaming Commission to de-bar Goans from entering the casinos. Hence locals, who wish to seek entry, are required to take special […]