Siroi Lifestyle: A Legacy of Modern Aesthetic and Priceless Artifacts

A culturally constrained Siroi Lifestyle exists in Goa, which is known for its unique patchwork of cultural heritage. Sapna Kabra, the creator of Siroi Lifestyle and its designer, is a true pioneer in the fields of art and design. Siroi is a reflection of the rare talents and collections. This bouquet of traditional, handmade lifestyle […]

Music, Art And A Dash Of Innovation At This Goan Art Cafe & Eco-stay

Saraya Eco Stay

Whoever re-created this 300-year-old Portuguese bungalow took the notion of creativity and made it something more sublime than anyone could ever have imagined. Nestled around the CHOGM road bend in the quaint town of Sangolda, Saraya eco-stay is a far cry from the plush seaside establishments of the Arabian coast. Cut back on your carbon […]

9 Reasons Why Goa is a Lifetime Travel Experience

North Goa Beach

When it comes to Goa, it cannot be anything but love at first sight. This pint-sized state is a colorful blend of myriad cultures, spiced with sea, sand, sun, and seafood. There is nowhere in India quite like Goa. There are so many unique aspects to Goa, that you have to experience it to feel […]

The Highland Heritage offers today’s convenience in yesterday’s setting

Mahatma Gandhi once said “happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony”, and that is the philosophy behind the concept of The Highland Heritage, a truly unique homestay experience set in the heart of North Goa which is unlike any guesthouse or hotel in the state. Surrounded […]

The wonderful world of books at the Goa State Central Library in Panjim

Central Library

Reading is a favorite pasttime of a lot of people. Each one’s taste in books is different and people tend to visit bookstores looking out for their favorites. If they can’t be found, they’ll turn to the online world and pick up books from a website like Amazon. However, not everyone is inclined to take […]

The granary of Salcete – Curtorim celebrates the famed Handi Khuris feast

Handi Khuris feast

It would seem like there is a feast or a festival to be celebrated almost every month in Goa. Vasco recently celebrated its Damodar Saptah feast in the Damodar temple. While the temple festivities are done, stalls put up, selling wares are still there and probably will be for the next couple of weeks. Goa […]

Iconic statue of Dona Paula in ruins – Authorities pass the buck

Dona Paula

The iconic statue of Dona Paula is on the verge of crumbling! It has developed massive cracks and some portions have already fallen. Who is responsible for its repair? The authorities seem to be passing the buck saying that the maintenance of the statue is not their responsibility. Whose responsibility is it? After visiting the […]

Goa’s jewel, the Basilica de Bom Jesus in Old Goa

Basilica de Bom Jesus

Goa is not just a tourist destination because of its beaches, food, drink, and nightlife. Religious tourism is also a major reason for people visiting the state. Thanks to the Portuguese, the state has churches in almost every nook of every village. There are a number of temples dedicated to the Hindu religion which are […]

The Adopt a Heritage Project now in Goa, government is in the dark

Heritage Project

India has a vast and rich heritage. From art, sculpture, music, paintings and even monuments, the country has each and every one. In museums and in public settings, from North to South, you can see it all. However, in recent years, it seems to have become difficult to maintain such grand monuments. Now the government has […]