The Sobit Sarovar Portico, pioneering luxury in Palolem Goa

Sobit Sarovar Portico

Goa’s beaches have attracted visitors from all over the world. Each stretch of sand kissed gently by the azure waters of the Arabian Sea has its own character, inviting some to party, and inviting others to relax. It’s a well-known fact that North Goa’s beaches are the more eventful, lively, and busier beaches, which means […]

Psychology can now help choose the 5 best beaches in Goa for your personality

You’re probably second guessing this already, but don’t. Your personality deserves far more credit than you think. In fact, your personality type influences a number of decisions that you make on a daily basis, decisions like where to eat, what to wear, or even who to vote for. This same personality type could (in theory) […]

South Goa’s coastline from Arossim to Galgibaga is just beautiful

For the smallest state in India with a coastline that’s approximately 102 kilometres long, Goa has some of the most beautiful beaches. While the north has some pretty great ones, it’s clear that South Goa’s beaches are the real gems with their more or less peaceful atmosphere and white, sandy surfaces. Of course, not all […]

Ever heard about the money stone in Goa?

Story behind the famous ‘money stone’ is an interesting one. Visitors to Goa always leave a mark behind. It may be their songs, music dance or their language, either way they have influenced Goans in Goa in one way or the other. Similarly artist Jacek Tylickian left something behind that became a pilgrimage site for many […]

Two Goan beaches ranked 4 and 8, in the top 10 list released by Tripadvisor

Goan Beaches on top ten list of Tripadvisor

Two Goan beaches have featured in the list of ‘top 10’ beaches in Asian. This is certainly going to cheer the Goans and the tourism industry stakeholders in Goa. The results were found in a survey done by Tripadvisor (A travel website based in the U.S). There are a total of three beaches from India […]

The hot and Happening North Goa or the laid-back South Goa?

Goa is a beautiful land with a long stretch of coastline where you can completely rejuvenate yourself. The state is divided into two districts North and south. Being the smallest, yet taking pride in being the vibrant state in India. It is sunny round the year in Goa allowing one to spend time at the […]