Francisco Salvador Zeferino Pinto

. Saligao village is known for its significant and outstanding landmark – the stately church of “Mae De Deus,” the only church in Goa that was built with Gothic Architecture. The Communidade of Saligao played an important role, driven largely by a specific individual Gaunkar, who easily had to be, the biggest benefactor of the […]

WATCH: Sculptor and activist Durga Gawde assaulted, shares video seeking justice

Durga Gawde Assualt

In a shocking incident that happened last week in Saligao, sculptor, activist, drag king and educator Durga Gawde was assaulted by one Brian Franco, while on the way to the Saligao petrol station. The incident was caught on film by a bystander who later shared the footage with Gawde, who posted the video on online. As […]

Goan artist Jezreel Nathan gets featured in Design Fabric

Goan artist Jezreel Nathan

Growing up in her ancestral house in Saligao, Goan artist Jezreel Nathan worked hard to make it in life. Art came naturally to her as a child. Passing out from her Alma Mater – Lourdes Convent High School, Saligao, Jezreel graduated in Commercial Art from Sir J. J. College of Art, Mumbai. Equipped with a […]

The ASHA project for HIV positive kids and families in Goa

HIV positive

To be HIV positive is horrifying. All over the world, there are millions that have been diagnosed with this possible precursor to the dreaded AIDS. Some can last for years and not show any symptoms, while others pass away in a matter of months. It’s a disease for which there is no cure. What does […]

The Street Providence Scheme Bank is helping the poor in a big way

Scheme Bank

It’s important to be educated. Goa has the distinction of having one of the highest literacy rates in the country. But being educated and being literate are two different things. And there are a lot of people that are still neither. Which means fending for themselves and handling their day-to-day activities is almost non-existent. And […]

Destitute women in Goa have a free home thanks to Street Providence


The status of women in India has changed over a period of time. While a majority of women in towns and cities can now study, vote and even hold jobs, in the interiors of the country, they have no rights, only serving the purpose of procreation and nothing more. A lot of women also still […]

One year for the Food Bank for the Poor in Saligao

food bank

They say charity begins at home and this is completely true. Everyone is urged to do their bit in society but not all do. This is not true of Donald Fernandes and all the good work he has been doing since 2013. From cooking for the poor, ferrying them to the hospital when needed with […]

The Goa State Museum in Panjim makes history come alive

Goa State Museum

There is a story behind the existence of every country in the world. History textbooks from school and university tell stories of crime, war, famine and even peace that went into creating a place. All kinds of artifacts have been discovered and allowed us to try and understand what went on through the different eras […]

Welcome to La La Land Goa – a two day festival of happiness and music

La La Land Goa

The festival of Holi bursts upon us this weekend in an explosion of brilliant colors and fun. Everyone enjoys it just like they enjoy the ‘assalto’ at the time of Carnival. But, if you’re not up for all that and want to do something different, head on up to the Museum of Goa in Saligao. […]