Guess what? The photography tax in Parra has been suspended

photography tax suspended

Remember a few days ago how a video of a group of tourists went viral because they were charged a ‘photography tax’ for taking selfies in Parra? Well, that escalated quickly! The video garnered a lot of flak from locals and tourists alike on major social media platforms for being a potential blow to tourism […]

WATCH: Tourists are now being charged a photography tax to take photos

photography tax

In a video that is currently going viral on Facebook and WhatsApp, a group of tourists in Goa were allegedly fined a ‘photography tax’ for taking photographs in Parra. The video which seems to have been recorded by a concerned citizen and later shared by multiple people on Facebook and WhatsApp shows a group of […]

Why don’t tourists heed the warnings of lifeguards on the beach?

Warnings for tourists

The month of October has seen unprecedented weather conditions in Goa. On account of Cyclone Kyarr, the state has been lashed by heavy storms that have made the entire coastline extremely unsafe. Fishermen have not been able to go out to sea, but most importantly, on almost a daily basis, warnings have been issued by […]

Surla villagers want bars to remain permanently shut in their village


A month is almost up and the village of Surla’s liquor ban is on the verge of being lifted. However, the villagers are most upset about this and have threatened agitation if any of the bars in the village are reopened. From a one-month liquor ban in the village, they have now moved the government […]

Glitches in Goamiles App leave local public venting on social media


The much talked about Goamiles app for taxi services in the state, launched earlier this week. Originally seen as a blessing and much-needed tool for commuters and tourists, the app has not quite worked out the way it was supposed to. From technical glitches to a lack of vehicles showing availability on the app, perhaps […]

Now hail a taxi your way with GTDC’s new taxi app ‘GOAMILES’


Goa, with its view of the shimmering Arabian sea, swaying palm trees, fantastic eating joints and nightlife is one of India’s premier tourist destinations. Now, all this paints a very pretty picture but what doesn’t is the stress that a lot of tourists face on holiday when it comes to dealing with the taxi situation. […]

There is now a liquor ban in Surla village in North Goa


Goa is known as the state with the ‘Sosegado’ state of mind. The land of parties, great food, affordable liquor and overall good times. But with liquor being sold at such low prices, it’s no wonder that the tourists coming into the state, sometimes tend to be unruly and troublesome. Candolim, Calangute, Baga are known […]

Drishti to declare 24 unsafe locations as No Selfie zones in Goa


Goa’s monsoons are underway and the state has seen some heavy rainfall in the last two weeks. This still hasn’t stopped tourists from flocking to the state in large numbers. However, lack of understanding on their part has led to some tragic occurrences of drowning in the last week alone. This is no surprise given […]

Swimming on Goa’s beaches after dark will soon be a punishable offense


Most of Goa’s beaches face the wide open seas. That means whether the weather is fair or not, there is a certain amount of danger in going swimming as there are a lot of undercurrents and riptides. It’s far worse in the monsoons. Waves are strong and they often scale a height of at least […]

Telangana women tourists allegedly assault female police in Arpora


We see it every day of the year. Tourists behaving badly. It gets worse during Christmas and New year but is still bad enough behavior to get a mention in the news almost every single day. From driving badly on Goa’s roads to camping, cooking and even defecating in public, they do it all. Take […]