14 people went into the sea, 5 were dragged away by the current


It’s no secret that the monsoons are beautiful but dangerous at the same time. The monsoons in Goa last for 4 months, between June and September. During this time, all beach activities, watersports, and even fishing are suspended. This is to avoid any calamities like drowning and capsizing in the sea. Unfortunately, as much as […]

Indore police reveal more information about Betalbatim gangrape accused

Indore police

The Indore police arrived in Goa earlier this week after being contacted by the Goa police in regard to the horrifying gangrape on Betalbatim beach last weekend. They left on Thursday after interrogating the three men accused but not before they revealed more information about one of the men. Indore police inform Goa police about […]

Pune tourists held for allegedly outraging minor girl’s modesty on Goa beach

Pune tourists

It would seem that Goa’s beaches are ceasing to be a safe haven for the multitudes that visit them each year. Yet another horrific incident occurred on a beach this past Tuesday evening. This time, the state’s famous Calangute beach in North Goa was the scene of the crime. Right on the heels of last […]

5 minute delay in entry leaves British couple without a visa for Goa

British couple

People visit Goa all the time. Even though there is a tourist season and what’s called an ‘offseason’, it doesn’t stop tourists from coming to Goa throughout the year. Of course, during the season is when one is likely to see foreigners. The offseason tends to have a lot of domestic tourists come in. Of […]

Not a first time offence for the Betalbatim rape accused


Over the past weekend, South Goa was hit with a rape case. It was a horrifying story that took place on the well-known Betalbatim beach, involving two locals and three tourists. What started out as a normal evening outing for a local couple, ended in them being threatened, robbed, stripped, the girl being raped and […]

Young woman allegedly raped, friend beaten up by tourists on South Goa beach


In November 2017, there was a study done based on the Gender Vulnerability Index (GVI) that stated that the safest state for women was Goa. At the time, it was a relief to hear such a thing. How quickly things seem to change though. Rape has started becoming a major epidemic, across the country and […]

Locals upset with foreigners that operate illegal taxi businesses.


So much has been going on in Goa this tourist season. And we’re not even referring to the hordes of tourists that landed in Goa between October and December. Or even the fact that many chose to camp on the streets and sidewalks of the state and use the area as their private toilets in […]

Miramar Beach almost disappears under waste after New Year’s Eve


Goa in general faces a problem with garbage and waste management all through the year. It’s not just the roadside areas that suffer. Our beautiful beaches bear the brunt of most of it since this is where the hordes of tourists descend from the hinterland areas. New Year, same old problems with waste On the […]

The Beer Circus Heads to Goa this November And You Have to Be There

As kids, we were all taken to the circus at least once in our lives. And we loved it. Today, I don’t think they are much fun to visit. But, it looks like there’s a new kind of circus heading to Goa this November. The Beer Circus! A 2-day celebration of all things beer and […]

How to spot Indian tourists in Goa

Many people have written about a ‘Goa vacation’, ‘how Goans are’ and the list just goes on and on. But what is the other side of the story? When Indian tourists come to Goa? Let’s see how locals get #touristalert. Not to forget, we do have amazing tourists who come here and genuinely appreciate Goa’s beauty […]