Sonalli Guptaa visits Goa as part of the EMPOWER initiative

Sonalli Guptaa

The EMPOWER initiative is gaining momentum. Last month, Ms. Sathya Saran, former editor of Femina magazine visited Goa as part of the initiative. With the success of her visit, Think Geek Media, the force behind this initiative, held their second edition at two places in Goa over this past weekend. They invited well-known author Sonalli […]

The Knowledge is Power initiative moves forward with its next edition in Goa


Women have always been an oppressed lot. History tells many tales of horrors done to women. While it was mostly unheard of in the past, social media has seen to it that more people talk about such atrocities and also try to create awareness and empower women to stand up for themselves. These are dialogues […]

Empowering women in Goa through dialogue with Ms. Sathya Saran


Every day it becomes more and more important that women need to empower themselves. The atrocities that we are subject to every day or our lives make it an absolute necessity. Of course, while gathering together and holding rallies and marches work, this is a problem that needs to be addressed directly. Dialogues, talks are […]

All women crew of INSV Tarini felicitated at the Taj Fort Aguada


INSV Tarini and her all-women crew were greeted by many on their return to Goa’s shores. After riding the high and stormy seas, the yacht arrived in Goa on Monday, 21st May 2018. It was a triumphant return for the 6 women that undertook the expedition titled ‘‘Navika Sagar Parikrama’ with the aim of ‘empowering women […]

The women voyagers of INSV-Tarini return to Goa today


After what must have been a grueling 8 months at sea, the women voyagers of INSV-Tarini finally return to Goa’s shores. The 6 all-women crew, of the Goa-built yatch, have made maritime history with their round-the-world voyage. All 6 are officers in the Indian Navy. Women voyagers sail back into Goa INSV-Tarini is named after […]

Ladli Laxmi scheme for Women losing its appeal now?

Ladli Laxmi

Goa has long since been considered safe for women. But given the atrocities committed against them in the last few years, there is a real fear that those days could be over. Take the Ladli Laxmi scheme for Women for example. The Ladli Laxmi scheme was launched in Goa in July 2012. It was launched […]

Get set for International Womens Day on 8th March

International Womens Day

It’s difficult to be a woman in this day and age. Women have spent lifetimes being subservient and submissive towards the male figures in their lives. We have so much to owe to women, though. They are the strong figures in everyone’s lives. Children will always look to their mothers for comfort first. They are […]

Difficult Dialogues 2018: A Conference on Gender Equality

gender equality

This February, the International Centre in Dona Paula plays host to an event called Difficult Dialogues 2018 a Conference on Gender Equality. Most recently all forms of social media were flooded with the #MeToo campaign. One where countless women across the world spoke out about how they were either a victim of, or knew of […]

First all-women crew to circumnavigate in Goa-built INSV Tarini

INSV Tarini

INSV TARINI- ‘Tarini’ named after one of Goa’s ancient boat goddesses – a 56-foot sailing yacht built to withstand rough seas for an all-women naval crew of 6. The first all-women crew to circumnavigate the globe. The expedition, titled ‘Navika Sagar Parikrama’ is in consonance with the National Policy of  ‘Nari Shakti’ – empowering women to […]

We could do with these Consent Classes in India in a big way

The word consent in its noun form is defined as “Permission for something to happen or agreement to do something”. It has its origins in Middle English: from Old French ‘consente’ (noun), ‘consentir’ (verb), from Latin ‘consentire’, from con- ‘together’ + ‘sentire’ ‘feel’. (Source – The Oxford Dictionary) Like any other developing nation in the world, […]