The Inspiring Journey of Velisha Colaco


In a world where self-expression and creativity have become increasingly valued, individuals like Velisha Colaco have emerged as true inspirations. Hailing from the picturesque town of Porvorim in North Goa, Velisha embarked on a remarkable journey of self-discovery, transitioning from a shy individual to a confident lifestyle influencer. With a passion for fashion, travel, food, and lifestyle, she has embraced her unique style and captured the hearts of many.

Childhood Ambition and Educational Background

From a young age, Velisha harboured the ambition of becoming a doctor. However, as life unfolded, her interests took her on a different path. She pursued a Bachelor of Science degree in Biotechnology, delving into the world of scientific exploration. Alongside her academic pursuits, she began freelancing as a social media executive and also worked for a reputable UK firm, gaining invaluable experience in the digital sphere.

Doing a collaboration with Crocs for Sunburn

Photoshoot for Aarush kitchens
Velisha doing a photoshoot for Aarush Kitchens

Discovering a Passion for Content Creation

Throughout her life, Velisha had an innate love for creating content and fashion. However, it wasn’t until the lockdown period that she mustered the courage to showcase her talents. Initially hesitant, she began uploading pictures of her outfits privately. As time went on, her confidence grew, and she decided to make her profile public. This marked the turning point in her journey as a content creator.

The Journey Unfolds

In November 2021, Velisha’s dedication and talent caught the attention of Nanbai, leading to her first collaboration opportunity. This partnership opened doors to new possibilities and transformed her life in unforeseen ways. From barter collaborations to paid opportunities, she steadily built her brand and reputation as a food and lifestyle influencer.

Restaurant collaboration in Assolna
Doing a collaboration at a restaurant in Assolna

Doing a food shoot at Hyatt centric, Candolim
Doing a food shoot at Hyatt Centric, Candolim

A Multifaceted Creator

As a lifestyle influencer, Velisha creates captivating content encompassing fashion, travel, food, and various aspects of everyday life. Her videos and reels capture the essence of her unique style and offer glimpses into her adventures. With her vibrant personality and eye for aesthetics, she has carved out a niche for herself in the digital realm.

Challenges Faced

Velisha attributes her success to the unwavering support of her parents and a few close friends. Their encouragement and belief in her abilities provided the foundation for her to pursue her dreams. However, she acknowledges that growing an audience can be a challenging task. Despite the hurdles, Velisha remains resilient and stays true to herself, constantly evolving and refining her craft.

Doing a Collaboration at Fairfield by Marriott, Calangute
Doing a Collaboration at Fairfield by Marriott, Calangute

Doing a food shoot at Hyatt centric, Candolim
Doing a food shoot at Hyatt Centric, Candolim

Future Aspirations

Velisha’s journey as a creator has shaped her perspective on self-empowerment. She looks up to no one but herself, considering herself her own favourite and role model. Her determination and self-belief have been instrumental in her progress. While she has already achieved remarkable milestones, Velisha has ambitious plans for the future, aiming to expand her reach, collaborate with like-minded individuals, and further establish herself as a prominent lifestyle influencer.

Message to Young Goans

In conclusion, Velisha Colaco’s story is an embodiment of the adage, “Just Start.” She encourages young Goans and aspiring creators to embrace their passions fearlessly and begin their journeys, irrespective of doubts or shyness. Her message is a reminder that personal growth and fulfilment often lie beyond the confines of comfort zones. Velisha’s inspiring transformation serves as a testament to the incredible potential within each individual waiting to be unleashed.

So, to all the young Goans out there, take Velisha’s words to heart and embark on your own journey of self-discovery. Who knows? Your unique talents and passions may just lead you to a world of endless possibilities and fulfilment.