A vow to protect the village

Villagers of Chimbel have recently resolved to preserve the agricultural land and water bodies within its vicinity as a cultural heritage. In addition, they have also petitioned the Prime Minister and others for its protection.

According to the members of the gram sabha of Chimbel, the government is eyeing the locality for an IT park project. It is the same land which is the source of income for tribals and their livelihood.

Smita Shirodkar, a citizen of Chimbel alleged that the government is finalizing the IT project. Ten IT firms have already registered with the IT Corporation to set up their base even though the villagers have rejected the project unanimously twice.


Many continue to carry out their traditional occupations near the IT park site. The tension is turning unbearable. The villagers may soon launch an agitation to defeat the government’s power and their attempts to grab their land.

I hope this issue will be resolved soon and without any chaos. Fighting gets us nowhere, but reaching a point of understanding helps develop a better state. Let’s vow to protect the villages of Goa!


Picture Credits: The Navhind Times.

The IT park project in Chimbel will be overlooking this beautiful lake. Once the construction of the IT park is in full swing, the lake may face deterioration.

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