WORLD GOA DAY – A Call to Celebrate


Conceptualized, filliped, and realized by the famous Renee Barretto, World Goa Day (WGD) is meant to commemorate the anniversary of the inclusion of our state language – Konkani, in the 8th schedule of the Indian Constitution by the Indian Parliament on the 20th of August 1992, when Konkani was recognized as one of the official languages of India. Konkani is the mother tongue of Goans!! It is that time of the year when most Goans and Goan associations the world over come together to celebrate an occasion that binds us with one common goal – to celebrate our being GOAN and our GOENKARPONN. That day is virtually upon us. Yes, AUGUST 20, 2022, is just around the corner.

Depending on where one is and how each Global Goan Association decides to celebrate it, or how each one sees fit to express one’s self, one thing is for sure, we shall all do our best to celebrate this day under one common banner. “WORLD GOA DAY 2022.” The ‘WGD’ celebration is the only global Goan event that reminds us of our identity as Goans. So, all hardworking and illustrious global Goan volunteers, members, and heads of  Goan associations/organizations the world over are called to come forward and pledge their support to this common celebration with whole-hearted cooperation to ensure that this 20th World Goa Day celebration is a great success. The celebrations are intended for Goans worldwide to focus, take pride in, and celebrate their Goan culture, language, traditions, music, cuisine, and more wherever they may be on planet earth.

The first World Goa Day was celebrated on 20 August 2000, with the primary objective of uniting Goans from all over the world to a common celebration and show of solidarity. Though officially the 20th of August was the set date, the occasion is celebrated the world over on or around this date.

This year the WGD celebrations are expected to gain more momentum owing to a lull in celebrations for two years due to the Covid Pandemic. So the WGD forum is making every effort to reach out to all Goans in every locale to come forward and unitedly organize a day of prayer, fun, sports, music, culture, dance, food, and drinks, to celebrate all things GOAN and leave a legacy for posterity, sharing our knowledge by way of language, culture, food, dress, etc. A legacy that has been passed down by our parents, elders, Goan community members, neighbours, or even friends.  Every Goan is endowed with so much talent and knowledge. What better way to spread your fragrance than to share that talent with others and what better way to do it than on one universal day i.e. World Goa Day. It is important to not only participate but also record every event and activity and share the links on the WGD Facebook page as well as the GLOBAL GOAN ASSOCIATIONS GROUP so that Goans all over the world can partake and share in the festivities virtually.

The Theme – Celebrating Our Global Goans’

The Objective – To promote within the wider Goan community our Goan identity, consider what being a Goan means, take pride in being Goan, and unite with Goans all over the world in solidarity to celebrate Goa’s history, language, music, cultural heritage and traditions.

Participation – Ranging from an individual to family or families, Goan associations, Goan special-purpose groups (e.g., youth groups, professional groups), village associations, Goan bars, and restaurants, Goan businesses, etc. are encouraged to celebrate World Goa Day and Invite your non-Goan friends to be part of the celebrations. For hotels and restaurants in Goa and the world over, a traditional Goan Food Festival week is proposed.

Location – Worldwide your home, backyard, playground, picnic spots, reception halls, restaurants, your village/town, or at the beach. A meeting of two or more will constitute a gathering.

Time – Any time during the year 2022. Right from the 20th of August onward will be the core months for worldwide WGD celebrations.

As per the WGD forum, WGD Global Facebook official page is at #World Goa Day Celebrations. This Facebook page will be the one-stop place for all the publicity including flyers and website links and after-events reports, pictures, and videos in addition to personal publicity channels.

WORLD GOA DAY 2022 Organisers & Coordinators.