Xanisha and Croydon: The Dynamic Duo Taking the Goan Music Scene by Storm 


With nearly two decades of combined experience in the music industry, Xanisha and Croydon are two of the most talented and sought-after musicians in Goa. Known for their wide range of musical styles, from rock and pop to Bollywood and Konkani, this dynamic duo has captivated audiences around the world with their electrifying performances and infectious energy. 

The Early Years

Xanisha and Croydon both come from humble beginnings, with a shared love of music that started at a young age. Xanisha, in particular, has been in the industry for nearly 12 years, starting her singing career at the age of 13 with the band Cascades, before joining the band Crimson Tide (present). Despite the challenges of balancing late-night shows with schoolwork, Xanisha persevered, honing her skills and eventually catching the attention of top-performing bands in Goa. 

Croydon’s journey on the other hand started as a guitar player in college, before transitioning to bass and eventually winning the ‘Battle of the Bands’ in 2003. With a deep love of rock music, Croydon played in various bands such as Karnage, Gravity, and Second Skin, covering classic songs in their very own style. Despite coming from different backgrounds, Xanisha and Croydon’s shared passion for music eventually brought them together, leading to the formation of their two-man band. 

The Birth of a Duo

In 2020, as the pandemic swept the world, Xanisha and Croydon found themselves with an abundance of free time and a desire to keep performing. They decided to try something new by performing online, and the response was overwhelming. What started as a casual meet-up with some friends turned into a full-fledged duo, as Xanisha and Croydon discovered their musical chemistry and infectious energy. 

Today, the duo’s creative process involves carefully selecting songs that showcase their wide range of musical styles. From rock anthems to Bollywood hits, Xanisha and Croydon cover it all, putting their own unique spin on each and every track. Their performances are carefully curated, with a focus on engaging the audience and creating a memorable experience. 

Musical Influences

Xanisha and Croydon’s musical influences are wide-ranging, reflecting their eclectic tastes and diverse backgrounds. 

Xanisha cites Lorna, Adele, Shakira, and ABBA as some of her biggest inspirations, while Croydon draws inspiration from the likes of Pink Floyd, Pearl Jam, and John Mayer.

As musicians, Xanisha and Croydon approach the process of creating music in a very collaborative way. They both bring different ideas and styles to the table and work together to create something unique and special. Inspiration can come from anything – a personal experience, a movie, a book, or even a conversation. They keep their minds open and always try to find new and interesting ways to create music. 

Challenges Faced and Lessons Learned

As with any industry, the music world is not without its challenges, and Xanisha and Croydon have faced their fair share of obstacles along the way. For instance, performing every day can be tiring both physically and mentally, especially when singing for long hours. In addition to that, there is also the constant pressure to keep creating new and original music that resonates with their audience. Also, the COVID-19 pandemic severely impacted Xanisha and Croydon’s music career, just as it did for many other artists. They had to cancel many shows and events, which was disappointing, and the uncertainty of when things would return to normal was quite unsettling. However, they remained optimistic and continued to work on their music and connect with their audience online. They learned to find new ways to create music and remain true to themselves. Despite these challenges, Xanisha and Croydon have remained committed to their craft and have continued to evolve and grow as artists. Through their journey, they have learned some valuable lessons that they believe have helped them succeed in the industry. 

One of the most significant lessons Xanisha and Croydon have learned throughout their music career is the importance of hard work and perseverance. The music industry can be tough, and it takes a lot of dedication and persistence to succeed. They have also learned the value of connecting with their audience and building relationships with them. Lastly, they have learned that it is important to remain true to themselves and their music, and to always strive to improve and grow as artists. 

Future Plans

Looking forward, fans can expect some exciting new music from Xanisha and Croydon in the near future. They are currently working on some original music and hope to release it soon. They also have some upcoming shows and collaborations in the works. In the long term, they hope to continue to grow and evolve as artists, create music that connects with people on a deep and emotional level, and make a positive impact through their music. They hope to leave a lasting legacy in the music industry and be remembered as artists who made a difference.