Curlies and Nyex Beach Club untouchable in Anjuna Goa


Arrests were made in North Goa after the death of two youth who are suspected to have died from a drug overdose. One tourist, Nidam Abdulla from Kerala and the other Pravin Surendran from Tamil Nadu attended parties at two separate night clubs, Curlies and Nyex in Goa. Their bodies were said to be found […]

Final verdict on Scarlett Keeling’s murder case out: But who was she?

It has been almost eight years since the 15-year-old Scarlett Keeling’s dead body was found on Goa’s Anjuna beach. It was first declared as a case of accidental drowning by the police but soon new evidence emerged and the death was termed a murder. Two locals were accused of the crime but not much headway […]

Great buy at the ‘Flea market’

Yertward Mazamanian alias “Eight Finger Eddie” arrived in Goa during the mid 60’s. Instantly falling in love with Goa, he never left the state. In fact he even invited many of his ‘Hippie’ buddies to visit the state. Since working steady jobs wasn’t an option for them, how did they get by? Many of these […]


Situated in the north Goa district, lies a place which is so famous yet has the vibes of an old historic place. Anjuna is a party destination for hippies, locals and anyone who loves the music scene. One of the most beautiful beaches in Goa- Anjuna beach is perfect for those who love the sand […]