Goa, India, and the world mourns the death of Wendell Rodricks

Wendell Rodricks Death

Today, Goa woke up to the shocking news that its son, Wendell Rodricks had died the night before in his home at Colvale. What makes the news shocking was the fact that he was just 59 years old and on the cusp of opening what is now yet another addition to his illustrious legacy – […]

Why don’t tourists heed the warnings of lifeguards on the beach?

Warnings for tourists

The month of October has seen unprecedented weather conditions in Goa. On account of Cyclone Kyarr, the state has been lashed by heavy storms that have made the entire coastline extremely unsafe. Fishermen have not been able to go out to sea, but most importantly, on almost a daily basis, warnings have been issued by […]

John J Eapen, the Godfather of craft beer AKA ‘JJ the Keg’ has died

John Eapen JJ the Keg Tales of Froth

In the last half a decade or more, the concept of small-batch, hand-brewed craft beers and India Pale Ales has taken over India. Regular beers and pilsners aside, the variety in notes and flavours that make some of the most popular craft beers and IPAs popular is a testament to the fact that so much […]

How Many Deaths Will It Take For Us To Improve Road Safety In India?

Picture for representation only

There in the road, up straight ahead A car was stalled, the engine was dead I couldn’t stop, so I swerved to the right I’ll never forget the sound that night The screamin’ tires, the bustin’ glass The painful scream that I heard last. Those are the lyrics to a song popularised by Pearl Jam […]

A terrible Thursday for a mother and her young son in Mapusa


The phrase ‘Accidents will happen’ is usually said to someone to console them in the event of a small, harmless accident happening. But what does one say when an accident occurs due to negligence and/or reckless driving, resulting in horrific injuries and even death? How does one console the family members of a victim or […]

Drishti to declare 24 unsafe locations as No Selfie zones in Goa


Goa’s monsoons are underway and the state has seen some heavy rainfall in the last two weeks. This still hasn’t stopped tourists from flocking to the state in large numbers. However, lack of understanding on their part has led to some tragic occurrences of drowning in the last week alone. This is no surprise given […]

More tourists lose their lives to Goa’s rough seas over the weekend


Goa is absolutely gorgeous in the monsoons. In fact, it’s also one of the best times of the year to visit as the weather is undeniably cool and pleasant. The rains bring life to the parched earth and everything turns lush and green. The beaches are also amazing with waves crashing on the shore, almost enraged […]

14 people went into the sea, 5 were dragged away by the current


It’s no secret that the monsoons are beautiful but dangerous at the same time. The monsoons in Goa last for 4 months, between June and September. During this time, all beach activities, watersports, and even fishing are suspended. This is to avoid any calamities like drowning and capsizing in the sea. Unfortunately, as much as […]

No Nipah virus alerts for Goa says state government

Nipah virus

In the old days, getting sick wasn’t unheard of or seen but it didn’t seem to be deadly. Not like it is in this day and age. People caught colds, coughs, viral fever, malaria and other illnesses. But today, it seems as if there is a mutated version of all these plus newer illnesses for […]

Minors from Mangaluru die a watery death in Ponda


A combination of unsupervised minors and water bodies is never a good thing. Goa has seen many people die in these situations. There was another incident yesterday which resulted in the untimely death of 3 minors from out of town. A drowning. The bodies of the minors were found in a water tank According to […]