A terrible Thursday for a mother and her young son in Mapusa


The phrase ‘Accidents will happen’ is usually said to someone to console them in the event of a small, harmless accident happening. But what does one say when an accident occurs due to negligence and/or reckless driving, resulting in horrific injuries and even death? How does one console the family members of a victim or […]

Negligent riding by another claims life


It’s become truly disheartening to read the newspapers these days. All we see or hear about are deaths due to rash and negligent driving. It’s really very heartbreaking to read about so many young lives going back to their maker. Death by rash and negligent riding Today’s TOI brought news of yet another death. This […]

A solution to Goa’s road accidents – The Qute way

Keeping in mind the safety of the common man, Bajaj Auto, the company behind the once-famous ‘Chetak’  launched Qute in 2015.  A vehicle Bajaj Auto designed and made from scratch in India in keeping with the Government’s “Make in India” mission. Recently,  the incidence of accidents on Goan roads has assumed alarming proportions, especially those involving […]

Don’t have a helmet? Then wave goodbye to your bike!


Irresponsible riders may soon have to part with their two-wheelers if they are caught riding without a helmet. Transport minister Ramakrishna ‘Sudin’ Dhavalikar has issued instructions to detain the vehicles of such violators. This was one of the suggestions at the transport council meeting, at the Secretariat, on Thursday. “The detained vehicles will be released […]

Singing tourists crash bike in Goa

Bike in Goa

While this isn’t a new video, it must serve as a reminder to all tourists and locals alike, to be safe while using roads in Goa. Don’t be stupid, follow traffic rules, wear a helmet and save a life. The rising number of accidents can be stopped if YOU take responsibility. Image credit: Goa Prism

Traffic violators in Goa will have to attend classes and pay the fine as well


Everyday traffic violators may have a hard time ahead as they will now have to do more than just pay a fine. Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar has instructed the police to not only impose a fine on traffic rule violators but also ask them to attend remedial sessions on road safety at a police station. […]

Need for speed? No! We need speed-breakers!

Accidents in Goa

Accidents in Goa are rising at an alarming rate. 2016 witnessed over 1000 accidents and 2017 is following the same fate. What could possibly be the cause? In south Goa, during the BRICS Summit all the speed-breakers were removed for faster transit of the delegates. Every road was done up, every street light fixed, every […]

Let’s be safe! Let’s stop accidents in Goa

accidents in Goa

Horrifying photographs of mangled bodies and vehicles lying in heaps of twisted metal & plastic Such sights have become an increasing phenomenon over the last couple of days. As a result, people across the world have been left to despair due to the growing number of accidents and distress in Goa. Stunned by the alarming […]

Twelve deaths in 72 hours devastates Goa

deaths Goa

In a span of a few hours, Goa’s golden image has been smashed and covered with the blood of accident victims. It feels like a curse has descended upon the State, as since Sunday, April 16, 12 people’s lives have been snuffed out due to rash and negligent driving in Goa. Deadly days and deaths in […]