‘From Amchi Mumbai to Amche Goa!’

By Anushree Edbor Fernandes “Born and brought up in Mumbai and settled in Goa for the past 8+ years.” At the age of 34, this statement gets me two broad reactions, both being at two extreme ends of the reaction spectrum. They are somewhat like this: Reaction #1 – “Oh! It must be hard adjusting […]

In Reel Time – featuring Daniel Fernandes, stand up comedian

In Reel Time with Daniel Fernandes

Anyone who tells you they ‘don’t really watch movies’ is either a liar, or just hasn’t watched a movie that has moved them (no pun intended). Growing up, movies were everything I needed to just get away from life. We all have our own stuff to deal with, and me being the kind of person […]

Goa University Choir to perform at Mumbai’s NCPA this November


Choral music is fast gaining popularity in Goa. The Goa University Choir which has been in existence since 2013 has participated in many noteworthy events in the State to date. The Monte Music Festival, as well as the Ketevan World Sacred Music Festival, are just two such events that have given them a platform to […]

Mustard – A fantastic choice of Bengali and French cuisine now in Mumbai


Goa is famous for being a great place to eat, drink and make merry. Not only is the local cuisine fantastic but there are so many other foreign cuisines to choose from. Additionally, there are a few restaurants that also do fusion cuisine. Now, some of these have expanded their horizons and opened up branches […]

Sea trials begin for the Mumbai to Goa cruise with first set of arrivals


These days when people travel to Goa, it’s usually by land or by air. Most people prefer to fly to Goa or they hop on an inter-state bus and travel overnight. There are others that prefer to drive in their own vehicles or hire self-drive cars. Now, one more mode of transport has been added […]

Goa-Mumbai ferry service to begin in December, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari announces

Ferry service

The much-awaited ferry service between Goa and Mumbai will be restarted in December. Union Minister Nitin Gadkari announced that the ferry project will be a part of the Sagar Mala project, the Union government’s initiative towards modernizing India’s ports. There was a ferry operating on this route until the 1980s. The service stopped because the […]

Travel by bus on a ship from Goa to Mumbai

A ‘Letter of award’ for the first ‘Ro-Ro’ (roll on-roll off) Mumbai to Goa ship service has been given. By bus on a ship from Mumbai to Goa! The ‘letter of award’ has been given to M/s. Maldar Dredgers and Salvagers by the Maharashtra Maritime Board. A dream come true for many a Mumbaikar and […]

Mumbai Floods August 2017- A Natural Calamity?

Due to the Mumbai floods, vehicles from Goa were asked to go back and were not allowed to enter Mumbai. The traffic situation in Mumbai was horrific due to heavy rains causing a nuisance. All Goa-Mumbai flights were delayed as per schedule timings yesterday. Goans traveling to Mumbai were stuck on their way and weren’t […]

Mumbai plans to break free of Goa’s shackles


Inspired by the raging tourism industry and ever growing popularity of beach shacks in Goa, beaches in Mumbai will now have their very own version of Goa. The beaches of Mumbai could look like some of those in Goa, with shacks, showers and seafood. That’s what the Government of Maharashtra hopes to achieve at least, […]

High-speed Tejas Express robbed & damaged

Tejas Express

Although the first trip of Tejas Express, the high-speed train from Mumbai to Goa, started amid much fanfare, the train came back with fewer headphones, damaged infotainment screens and waste strewn all over. The train was flagged off from Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus on Monday and returned from Goa on Tuesday. Although the railway officials had […]