The Goa State Museum in Panjim makes history come alive

Goa State Museum

There is a story behind the existence of every country in the world. History textbooks from school and university tell stories of crime, war, famine and even peace that went into creating a place. All kinds of artifacts have been discovered and allowed us to try and understand what went on through the different eras […]

Welcome to La La Land Goa – a two day festival of happiness and music

La La Land Goa

The festival of Holi bursts upon us this weekend in an explosion of brilliant colors and fun. Everyone enjoys it just like they enjoy the ‘assalto’ at the time of Carnival. But, if you’re not up for all that and want to do something different, head on up to the Museum of Goa in Saligao. […]

Carpet of Joy- An installation by Doctor Subodh Kerkar

carpet of joy

The Big Picture- Carpet of Joy Museum of Goa (MOG) inaugurated ‘Carpet of Joy’, an installation by Goan sculptor Dr. Subodh Kerkar at Saligao Circle. It will be on display until May 30th, 2017. It has flowers made out of 1,50,000 discarded plastic bottles. The main aim of this installation is to raise awareness against littering […]

Rs. 1 Lakh – A real motivation for Goan artists!

By Rebecca Pereira International Museum Day was recently observed globally. The same was true in Goa, with a number of museums curating special themes to celebrate the day. Quite alot of the things on display in these museums were created by talented Goan artists of yesteryear. To encourage the Goan artists of tomorrow, initiatives are […]