The crowning glory that is the Kopel or flower crown at São João

kopel or flower crown

The feast of St. John the Baptist or São João is celebrated every year on 24th June. It’s a feast with the added excitement of jumping into wells and other water bodies for fun. Celebrated all over Goa, it is definitely more popular with people living in North Goa. And, of course, as with all […]

There are 3 churches dedicated to St John the Baptist in Goa

St John

The feast of St John the Baptist is almost here. Celebrated on the 24th of June every year, it’s one of the most popular feasts among Goans and is better known as São João to everyone in the state. And of course, since it’s a feast, there has to be a saint involved. Which also […]

Sao Joao Celebrations – Uniting Goans at home and abroad

Sao Joao, the Feast of St. John the Baptist, is celebrated in Goa with much fanfare. Jumping into wells is what Sao Joao celebrations are all about.  At this time of year, with the onset of the monsoons, the village wells are almost overflowing. Sao Joao is incomplete without the traditional ‘Kopels’ or head wreaths […]

Events that are exclusively held in Goa


There are some Events held across the country and there are some held only in Goa. Reason being, hmm… well because it has a bit of everything.  Don’t believe me? I have gathered some festivals that are great examples of how Goa has given equal importance to every festival, right from the Grape Escapade to […]

Government prepones Panchayat elections due to Sao joao

Panchayat elections

The Goa government has decided to advance the Panchayat elections by 8 days to avoid a clash with Sao Joao celebrations. The elections will now be held on June 17. “We had initially decided to hold elections on June 25 but then it was realised that the date clashes with San Joao festival (celebrated a […]

From Sangodd to Vangodd de Saligao


Every year Goa takes immense pleasure in celebrating Sao Joao. The joy you see on everyone’s faces during this festival is something unique which you wouldn’t see during other festivals. People from all communities take part in the celebrations. The villages of Socorro and Siolim are the one’s who usually celebrate Sao Joao on the […]

Goa Monsoon tips- Pussy cats & Puddles

The monsoon has well and truly hit Goa.  The beautiful state has recorded 28 inches of rainfall so far, with Tuesday producing the heaviest shower. This day alone made up for 6 inches of the total. Actually the monsoon was delayed this year and only reached Goa on the 19th of June, after the pre-monsoon […]

Sao Joao – Kiteak don pautti Yenam?

Sao Joao

As we all know Goa is a land where you will see a variety of cultures and extravagant festivals. The feast of Saint John the Baptist (Sao Joao) is no exception. The festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm, especially by the younger generation. Parties and celebrations are held in almost each and every part of […]

Unique things to do in Goa during the monsoon

The air in Goa changes during the monsoon. It smells different and feels different. The surroundings are engulfed by a green layer. There are a few things that can only be done during the monsoons in Goa. Rains bring in a lot to cheer about. It is essential to enjoy it while it lasts. Eating […]