This Ganesh Chaturthi, take a loan from the Utensils Bank of Goa

Prerna Agrawal Utensils Bank of Goa for Ganesh Chaturthi

With the celebration of the first day of Ganesh Chaturthi on Monday, the long weekend is looking rather eventful. As Hindus across Goa excitedly clean and ready their house to welcome Lord Ganesh, preparations are on to prepare sweets and a variety of traditional dishes to feed the constant stream of family and friends that […]

Eco-living is easier than ever, and this festive season is a great time to start

Eco-friendly living cover

With every year that passes, festivals are becoming more and more eco-friendly. People are now more aware than ever before about the noise and air pollution during Diwali and have started to curtail their use of crackers. During the Ganesh Chaturthi festival, many families are opting for clay idols instead of POP since Plaster of […]

Now you can have fully constructed wooden homes in 48 hours

Wooden Homes

If you have a plot of land and are looking to construct a home, you know that it could be a rather expensive affair. Not only do you need to source and procure all the raw materials, but you need to find the labor, and competent architects as well. All this could take months of […]

Katho the eco-friendly scrubber comes to Goa

Doing his bit for the environment, Akshay Manerikar decided to introduce Katho, the eco-friendly scrubbers to the people of Goa.  Not only is Katho eco-friendly but bio-degradable as well. The concept of using coir to scrub vessels was an age-old tradition in Goa. One that is still rampant in many villages, especially where cooking is done […]

Natti’s Naturals in Anjuna – a healthier lifestyle for all


In today’s day and age, people are becoming more health conscious. They care about the food they eat and make a conscious effort to exercise in some form or the other. Some walk, others join the gym, a few go swimming and some take up yoga or other alternative kinds of exercise. Thanks to this […]

Saukhyam: a new eco-concept store and wellness space in Porvorim


Health and wellness are two things that Goans have taken very seriously in recent years. Fitness is a big part of a lot of Goans’ lives and people have become very conscious about their food habits as well. And it’s also no secret that healthy living comes from making sure that one’s surroundings are also […]

VMSIIHE wins the award for being the Cleanest College in the state


Today, the world’s resources are depleting fast. Humans are consuming or wasting every available resource faster than it can be generated. Plastic and other non-biodegradable trash can be found everywhere, on land and in our waters too. Social media is rife with videos and articles about how garbage is rapidly taking over the world. People […]

Goans pledge to adopt Sustainable Mobility in the state


Sunday morning saw locals come out in large numbers to participate in the WWF-India’s ‘One Planet Streets for All’ event. The event was held for all to take a stand for the cause of having inclusive streets and adopting sustainable modes of commuting. It’s time for sustainable mobility in Goa WWF-India held the event in […]

One Planet Streets For All on 6th May in Panjim City

One Planet Streets

A few months ago, Porvorim saw a No Motor Zone (NoMoZo) on the inner main road leading up to the North Goa police headquarters. People from Porvorim and surrounding areas were invited to spend the day, doing all kinds of fun activities like cycling, painting on the road surface, Zumba and so on. Now, the […]