This ‘beach house’ in Goa is the ultimate vacation spot

The Beach House

When you work the corporate 9 to 5, more often than not, the one thing that you want more than ever is a break. Just a little time off to do a bunch of fun things, maybe get a massage, finally start that yoga session, or maybe even get a few basic checkups done because […]

Resolve to get fit this 2019 with Fitness Bar in Panjim

The first month of the new year is over, and if one of your resolutions was to get fit, you’re probably feeling the burn – and not in a good way. Historically, February is the month where resolutions come to die, so if you feel like you’re losing motivation instead of weight, then maybe the […]

Forget the gym, these folks are taking fitness to the next level

In today’s age, we all lead busy and stressful (to a degree) lives. For some of us, work rules almost every waking hour, turning our eating and sleeping routines upside down. Sitting in front of computer screens dictates our daily routine, turning us into the sedentary zombies we thought we would never become. However, in […]

You can beat the heat this summer with Aqua Yoga!

Aqua Yoga

The word Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word ‘yuj’. Yoga means a union of the individual consciousness or soul with the Universal Consciousness or Spirit. It is a 5000-year-old Indian body of knowledge. But Yoga is not just physical exercise even though people twist, turn, stretch, and breathe in the most complex ways. It goes […]

Goa gets a new take on healthy living with the Fitness Bar

Fitness Bar

Goa is all about good living and now it’s about to be about a healthy one too. From the good people that brought us great party places such as Taverna and Cohiba, Good Life, the parent company of these fine establishments has brought us another two ventures. These are The Fitness Bar and COMO Designer […]

Move over Zumba. It’s time for some PoundFit in Goa!


Goa has its fair share of athletes, sports activities and gyms. There are a lot of people that like to keep fit in the state. The ones that want to do it for fun as well as get fit pick options like aerobics and Zumba. Zumba, in particular, has a very big following with lots […]

Goan Butterfly seeks Usain Bolt showdown in China

Goan butterfly

A seventy-two year old sprint queen from Canacona, Perpetua Fernandes e Jaques has been selected to represent India at the 20th Asian Masters Athletics championship 2017 in China. Nicknamed “Butterfly” by her well-wishers and neighbours, Perpetua is all set to conquer new boundaries and glory after being selected for 20th Asian masters Athletics championship 2017 […]

Tis the month to get fit in Goa

get fit in Goa

Tired of continuously watching your diet? Struggling to find motivation to stay fit? Then why aren’t you joining the hundreds of people using February to get fit in Goa? After some heavy December dinners and a lot of January jabbering, it’s time to focus on February fitness! After practising your right to the adult franchise […]

Woman entrepreneur Sheryl Vas: There’s no stopping her

Be it in travel, fashion, fitness, anything and everything that you can imagine existing in this modern world, women are advancing far ahead making a difference with their ideas, seeking solutions that have never been sought, fighting sickness, social ideologies, pressure and running successful endeavors at the same time. The dream to be your own boss […]

Practice Yoga for a better life?

Cause for Concern The latest report that the Centre for Cardiovascular and Thoracic Sciences (CCTS) at the Goa Medical College and Hospital has performed over 353 cardiology procedures and more than 800 bypass heart surgeries on youth below the age of 40 in the state is a serious cause of concern for all of us. […]