Accidents in the state of Goa

Several reasons as to why there have been numerous accidents in the state. The roads in Goa have been causing a lot of problems to vehicle owners. It has become very difficult for people to travel. The roads have been dug up and left open without proper packing after the work is done. Or, the roads have been left in ruins and not fixed at all.

Road engineering continues to be one of the common causes of accidents in Goa. In 2015 itself, bad road conditions led to the death of 2,733 persons in the country. This has been brought out in a study done by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH).

DySP traffic North Goa, Dharmesh Angle, said, with the kind of roads Goa has, the problems vary from place to place. These include bad roads and improper asphalting to lack of central divider and no speed bump markings.


“These defects are seen in almost the entire state. As and when the problems come to our attention, we bring it to the notice of the public works department,” he added.

The Goa Civic and Consumer Action Network (GOACAN) has made the Department of Transport and the PWD aware of the issues of road engineering. The road engineering cell at the PWD has identified 58 accident- prone zones in Goa.

“A common road defect in Goa is the placement of junctions which can have blind spots. A number of accidents occur when people take a turn at the T-junction or the four-arm junction. There are 400-odd blind spots that have been identified resultantly,” GOACAN Convener, Roland Martins, said.

In 2015, 104 accidents at various T-junctions and 53 accidents at four-arm junctions across Goa have been revealed by the MoRTH report.

Illegal speed-breakers.

Sanjay Desai

Speed-breakers have caused 51 accidents in the state. The locals in Goa have built illegal speed-breakers thinking that it would control the speeding of vehicles. The issue gets accentuated when these speed-breakers are not painted with white lines which make it invisible to riders from afar. Thus, causing many accidents.

“The illegal speed-breakers have not been installed by the PWD. After the BRICS summit ends, the road engineering cell will pay a visit to the sites and send the information to PWD to take further measures,” a transport official told TOI in their report.

The traffic police want the motorists to wear helmets and be safe. But if the roads aren’t done up properly, how is only a helmet going to prevent accidents from happening ?

But for the time-being, until the matter is solved , we could try and avoid accidents by :

Making sure the roads get fixed soon

Wearing protective gear while riding bikes even to go to nearby destinations

Paying close attention to unexpected speed-breakers

You never know what can happen next. It’s better to Expect the Unexpected and try to be on the safer side.



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