Gajanan Kamble: Goa’s Bhukkadholic

In today’s digital era, social media platforms have become a powerful tool for self-expression and creativity. Among the myriad of content creators, Gajanan Kamble, a 21-year-old Maharashtrian boy born and raised in Goa, stands out as a passionate food blogger. While pursuing his masters in inorganic chemistry at the Government College of Arts, Science, and […]

Pranali Kande: From Passion to Success

Pranali Prakash Kande, a 25-year-old Goan native, has emerged as a successful food blogger, captivating the hearts and taste buds of her loyal Instagram family. With an unwavering passion for food and a desire to make her mark, Pranali’s journey from a corporate job to a food influencer is an inspiring tale of dedication, creativity, […]

Rakshanda Sawant: An Anesthesia Technologist Who Doubles Up as a Food Blogger

Meet Rakshanda Sawant, an ambitious and passionate individual hailing from the picturesque village of Mandrem in North Goa. While Rakshanda’s professional life revolves around the medical field as an Anesthesia Technologist at Goa Medical College, Rakshanda has also carved out a unique space for herself as a food creator. Her journey into content creation began […]

Nadia Khatib: The Young Culinary Visionary Taking Goa’s Food Scene by Storm

Nadia Khatib is a 23-year-old content creator and social media executive based in Goa, India. Born on March 27, 2000, she always had a passion for food and cooking, which eventually led her to start her own blog and social media pages. She is now a successful influencer in the food and lifestyle industry. Nadia […]

Hritva Pangam: From Microbiology Graduate to Influential Food Blogger

Meet Hritva Pangam, a talented influencer and food blogger hailing from Sanquelim, Goa. With a background in Microbiology, Hritva’s journey as an influencer began unexpectedly as she indulged in her love for food and exploration. Through her blog, Eat_with_hri, she shares her culinary adventures, showcasing the vibrant food scene in Goa and beyond. Supported by […]

Akshaya Kerkar: Goa’s Food Influencer Extraordinaire!

Akshaya Kerkar is a young food influencer currently based in Porvorim. A native of Keri village in Ponda, Akshaya has been making waves in the online world with her food blog “Oo Shejaanni Goa ”. Akshaya’s passion for food and love for capturing its beauty through her camera have led her to create an online […]

Hoggilicious: The Goan Foodie Sensation

Riya Narvekar, better known as Hoggilicious, is a Goan food enthusiast and social media influencer with a growing following on various platforms. With her Instagram handle boasting over 10k followers, it is safe to say that she has made a significant mark in the food blogging community. Born and raised in Merces, a quaint village […]

Querida Coutinho: A Medical Student Who Double Up as an Influencer

Querida Coutinho is an ambitious young woman who is currently pursuing medicine as a profession. Originally from Velim in South Goa, she is now studying in Karnataka and is in her final year of med school. Querida’s journey to becoming a doctor has not been an easy one, but she has persevered through the challenges […]

One-third of Goa’s population dependent on Tourism: Ex-GCCI President

Panaji, September 2023- Following the collapse of the mining sector in Goa, nearly one-third of Goa’s population banks on the hospitality and tourism industries directly and indirectly for their livelihood, according to Ralph De Souza, former president of the Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industry.  De Souza was speaking at a state-level seminar on ‘Addressing Skill […]