Here are 5 signs that prove you’re an adult living in Goa

Goa is India’s party destination, and rightly so. With its epic party venues, festivals, and live music, once the sun goes down, the (party) animals come out. Ever since we were youngsters, being a part of the state’s vibrant nightlife was more important than eating our vegetables. But somehow as the years went by, it’s […]

The Saturday Night Market is unique only to Goa and a must visit

night market

Over the years, Goa has earned a reputation for being one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in the world. A large number of foreigners such as the British and the Russians can be found in Goa almost every year along with tourists from all over Europe as well. The domestic tourists that arrive in […]

Let’s Go Swalla-la-la at ‘Time Out 72’ in Vagator


After the success of two mega-popular EDM (electronic dance music) festivals in Goa in the last few years, it’s now time to make way for a new one. Sunburn and Supersonic have unfortunately moved out of the state for various reasons, giving a chance to the organisers of the brand new ‘Time Out 72’ to […]

7 Pubs In North Goa That Will Make You Go Crazy

pubs in goa

Goans love a good drink after a long day at work. Our tiny state is no stranger to pubs. Pubs are relaxed social drinking establishments. Pub culture is more prominent in British, Irish, New Zealand and Australian cultures, to name a few. However, in Goa, most people have adopted pub culture as their own.  Where […]

Taverna Panjim Pub – The Newest Pub in Panjim City

Pic credit: TripAdvisor

My friends and I are always on the look out for new places to party at on weekends. Panjim, being a really small place, has never had the sort of nightlife that exists in the Baga – Sinquerim belt in North Goa. Now just imagine the excitement and anticipation when we heard we were getting a new watering […]

Nightlife : House party v/s Clubbing

There has always been a discussion over which party is more fun, a house party or going clubbing. In today’s fast-paced world, nightlife has attained prominence. A day without a party is boring. The dilemma though is which party? House party or Clubbing? To lessen this debate, we have asked youngsters about what kind of […]

Four best Clubs in Goa

Best Clubs

Want to go ‘partying’ this weekend but don’t know which Club to hit? Not to worry we are here with a list of Clubs that you can go to for an amazing time. Let’s start! SinQ Beach Club & Lounge Well! SinQ is one of those places where you will get to see fashionista and […]

Cape Town Café

Cape Town Cafe

The hippest place in town for the young, the hep, the foodie and the clubbie. Yes, it’s none other than Cape Town Café (CTC), down Tito’s lane, Baga, North Goa. Where else? This famous bar is the most popular bet for a memorable night in Goa! Established in 2009 by the dynamic David de Souza […]

Night life in Goa down with Election Fever

election fever

After the highs of all-night Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties, the Election Model Code of Conduct has thrown a spanner in the works of the nightlife industry in Goa. Why? Due to the prohibition of alcohol sales post 11 pm. With all establishments refusing to sell alcohol after 10.45 pm, owners and party goers […]